So, is the Doorbell V2 missing settings or am I missing something?

So, just hooked up my Doorbell V2, my third Wyze doorbell. The first is a pro, switched to wired due to time away from location, the second was a plain wired.
The install was no problem, aside from the goofy “use the app” requirement when wiring a chime 12’ high on a ladder - I managed not to drop anything somehow :slight_smile:
But I don’t find any settings in the app to set recording times as there are with the other cameras. The algorithm seems to work okay in terms of event recording time, but it uses something like a 5 second or less motion cutoff, which can easily create 2 or 3 events . It would be nice to have some adjustment on that since this door has a recessed entry and it’s easy to step out of range for a few seconds.
Am I missing something?
And going to post this, “I need to select at least two tags”?? Who thought up that puppy?

I’m not familiar with such settings on other devices, but the Video Doorbell v2 :doorbell_v2: is the only video doorbell I’ve had (so far), and I’m using the microSD card for continuous recording. (That and the ability to continue to use my home’s built-in chime were the draws for me.) I haven’t had any significant problems with it so far, though I’ve avoided the last two firmware updates because several users here in the Forum have reported problems with notifications after those updates, and that seems to be an ongoing issue.

I couldn’t say, as I have no experience with the other two Wyze doorbell models. :man_shrugging: