Smoking (tobacco/marijuana) sensor

Currently, there are no retail tobacco sensing devices on the market for diy or home/rental use. Can wyze develop a product that would notify a user if tobacco/marijuana or other smoker products were in use in a property location? Real time monitoring and notification for property managers would be extremely useful for those properties who try to offer smoke free properties for rent.

Most basic smoke alarms will be able to detect smoke from tobacco or marijuana. Products such as this can detect “smoke” from vapes or other e-cig offerings.

Completely incorrect. I am an electrician by trade. There are two types of current smoke detectors on the market. Photoelectric and ionization. Photoelectric will only detect tobacco smoke if large amounts are blown near the sensor. Ionization will not sense tobacco smoke. A tobacco detector is a very specific sensor not included in retail smoke detectors. Currently there is only one product offered for tobacco smoke sensing. The company requires a purchase of 50 it more units. It isn’t practical for individual rental units or vacation rentals. There are a few companies in the United kingdom that offer these sensors but nothing in the U.S. Wyze would have the benefit of being the only company offering this product in the U.S. if they choose to manufacture.

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Just saw your link above. I haven’t seen that product available. Thanks

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Completely correct

In my experience if a tenant wants to smoke they will simply remove or cover up the sensor.