Smoke detector wiring

Has anyone tried to use the hard wired smoke detector wiring in their home to power a WYZE cam? Just a thought. I’m sure the voltage on the detector wiring isn’t that much, and there is wiring for them in every room. I’ll check the voltage and get back.

I think hardwired smoke detectors are wired to 120VAC? Not a good thing for a 5VDC Wyzecam.

I believe they are. But there is obviously a step down circuit or transformer before it gets to the detector. The usually run on 9vt or 2 AA’s. So the current is stepped down somewhere. I’m going to check with my multi meter tomorrow so I can give a firm report back. I just thought it would be another option. Tap off of that wiring and go anywhere in the room. Dont have to look for an outlet. And the detector hookup is usually right near the entry door. I’m gonna go with this and try to make it happen. Just gotta workout all the POS and NEGs.

I believe there is a step-down transformer, but I also believe it is inside the smoke alarm. Externally I think you will find it sources 120 VAC, with a BACKUP battery that is 9V or a couple AAs.

Hardwired smoke alarms are powered by 120VAC in the USA.

You will typically have three wires: Black (Hot/Line), White (Neutral), Red (Interconnect).

The interconnect wire is what allows them to communicate with each other, so if one alerts, they all alert.

They are required to also have a backup battery (typically 9V), so they will still function in the case of a power failure.

I would highly suggest against tampering with the dedicated fire alarm circuit wiring. This system is in place to keep you and your loved ones alive. I believe it would also be against code in most regions.

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Not planning on using wiring that is still used for the working smoke detectors. Just had the idea that the wiring would be a convenient power source for the cams. I figured by putting that idea out there, it would get some people thinking of different ways to do it. Gotta think outside the box sometimes.

As far as my knowledge is concerned there will be a step-down transformer, At the same time, I also believe it is inside the smoke alarm. You will find it sources 120 VAC, and a BACKUP battery which is of 9V or a couple AAs.