Smarter, Better, Faster, Stronger: Wyze Robot Vacuum! 11/10/20

Received my Wyze vacuum yesterday. Can’t tell you how disappointed I am with it. I let the unit charge up completely, even though there was something rattling around loosely in the charging unit itself. After reaching a full charge, I connected the wifi to the vac ( this actually went quite well) I then decided to map the main portion of my home…Now, I happen to own a s5 Roborock that currently runs the same path and has for the past two years, so the main portion of my home has been setup to run without any hang ups…until now. Starting out things seemed well, fairly quite, even on full brush power, not too bad. After about twenty minutes of running along the floors the problems began. I have a small waist high table, the type of small table where you would toss your keys when the enter the house.The side two legs are just close enough that the vac cannot pass through, my Roborock would tap the legs and just go around them, like it’s done the last one hundred times or so. The Wyze unit on the other hand decided to just keep ramming at the legs for ten minutes nonstop till I decided to intervene and move it slightly away, so I let it continue to map. Next the vac stopped in a closet, where it had pushed a small box forward and apparently could not back away even though, like the table earlier there was nothing but space behind it. Are you beginning to see the pattern? This time, for whatever reason the vacuum errored out at least. I pushed the start button ( or at least I think I had) and it promptly went back to the start to charge, and force me to re map again. The next hang up was on some cords next to the bed. I was at work this time, monitoring from my phone. The message on my phone alerted me that it had hung up with 55% battery showing on the Wyze app. I could tell by the map that it probably ate some cords and figured that I would free it when I got home. Well… it hooked two cords, it did not attempt to back out, because if it had it would of been free. Instead it ran the entire 55% battery remaining down to zero…and was completely dead. Absolutely ridiculous! It should have at least stopped and went to sleep or errored. Some serious programming issues going on here. I can tell the same company that made the Roborock also built the Wyze unit. But I can assure you that The Roborock is light years ahead in the brains department. By the way… can anyone tell me how to contact a actual human at Wyze for customer service?


By phone: (206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT
Or online:

I’ve had good luck using both the chat and phone calls, but they have had a higher volume than normal lately, so there could be some hold time depending on when you try to contact them.

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Thanks. I couldn’t find the phone number. The support page kept pointing me toward a auto response help page, not real helpful. If they can get the programming figured out it could be a decent vac. I think suction wise it could be better than the Roborock.

You’re welcome.

I’ve appreciated everyone’s reviews. I just got my Vacuum today. I charged it first like you did and set it up in the app and will run it sometime today or tonight, taking in everyone’s suggestions to make sure it runs more smoothly.

I think for the most part, I’ll only run mine manually (not a schedule). Have one of us go organize the rooms first (move cords, pick up certain objects, etc) then tell it to run. It’ll still save us all that effort of manually vacuuming, so I’m still happy with it, even if I have to do prepwork before running it.

I really want to try creating ramps for it to use. My house has 2 different places where it drops or raises 12"-13.5" (with steps) and I saw online that most robot vacuums should be able to use inclines of up to like 15 to 20 degrees, so I want to test that out by making a ramp I can lay down when I want it to run. Apparently, for the 12" incline I should be able to use a 36" board to allow it to go up and down at 20° or 47" for 15°, so, a 3-4 foot board on that area should allow me to have the vacuum get multiple mini-floors. Anyone try this out with their vacuum yet?

If it works, I may even consider a way to automate this (use a smart plug or some kind of switch in some way to make the ramp lay down or push back up against the wall whenever the vacuum starts (maybe some kind of Rule I make).

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A word of caution with the filter. Do “NOT” wash them with water, I know that they claim you can wash and then dry and reuse them. The filter is still a paper type product, it will break down quickly if you are washing it regularly. The only time I ever got clogged filter messages was when I used to wash them. Just tap the filter well in a outside garbage can and blow at the filter a few times and it’s good to go. I have ran the same filter and haven’t had a message for over a year. You will really like the longevity of these filters😊

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Just wanted to let people know, that as I talked about doing since the day of launch when nobody knew the answer, I did in fact run tests for the Wyze Robot Vacuum slope boundaries finally today. Since it is probably something others will also want to refer to in Tips & Tricks, I posted it separately there so it can be easily referenced in the future:

You can see the videos and more details there, but here is the summary:

  • It successfully ascended and descended slopes as great as 21.5°.
  • It attempted to ascended a slope as great as 24.2° (but failed, and slipped back down and gave an error message). It might be able to succeed with this slope using a ramp made of material with better friction through.
  • It ignored a slope of 25.5° and treated it like it would a wall.

Great job Wyze, offering a Robot Vacuum that allows slopes steeper than many others on the market (several others have limits around 15°). I’m happy I can have the vacuum treat my house as a 2 level house now, instead of a 4 level house. :slight_smile:

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Got my vacuum today and completed the first run on our first floor. While there are obvious rooms (obvious to people, anyway), it’s a pretty open floorplan. As a result, it did not divide it up into sections. It see it as one big room. Is there a way to manually divide it into rooms?

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You can use the map editor (setting, map editor) for the vacuum to split rooms into multiple rooms. I’ve used the beta version (2.16.53) of the Wyze app on android to split and join room successfully.

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Thanks @dale4. I don’t see that option on app version 2.16.23, so I guess it’s coming at some point.

Please delete

Well…my vac is going back to Wyze. Forth attempt to map my rooms in two days. Multiple, Multiple stops. Once it paused…no reason…just paused. When you restart it just goes home and the map is lost (again) I had it on the charger, and for whatever reason it just decided to run at 60%. It has stopped in the middle of a low carpeted area and said the wheels needed to be set down. Most of the time it cannot seem to find the charger. On one run it was just spinning around in circles under a bed. I have owned these vacs for a while and know how it “SHOULD” work. I have video showing this thing doing some crazy stuff. One thing I noticed is that it will run in a lifting kinda arching act when it comes to a object, this explains why it looses its wheels ( error) When people offer to Beta test your products you really should consider taking them up on the offer. My guess is you guys will be busy with returning robots for a while.

I noticed that the vacuum itself is inconsistent with initial cleaning/mapping. When I delete the map, and start it over again, sometimes it will first map the borders of every room before cleaning systematically, and other times it will just clean most of the entire room it starts in and then afterward go map elsewhere, or inconsistently do a combination of this. (travel and spot clean systematically for a few minutes, then continue traveling, then stop and spot clean for a while. It does something different almost everytime I delete the map and start over. That seems weird, you’d think it would always do the same thing…

[rhetorical jesting] is this vacuum alive with free-will? Did Wyze give it a [conscious] AI with ability to make different decisions each time? [/rhetorical jesting]

I observed the same thing. Very first (failed) mapping attempt made it almost around the full perimeter of the house. Subsequent attempts (after removing the map) seemed to divide the house in sectors, map perimeter of each sector and then clean that sector before mapping and cleaning the next. I wonder if this was a change in the upgraded firmware of the vacuum?

Free will vs. predestination…good question! (ha)

WYZEY 5 is alive

I pre-ordered a vacuum and just received a coupon for a V3 camera. Would it be possible to apply the $20 coupon to an outdoor camera, which is what I really need? Who should I ask? Thanks

The side brush on this vac seems to spin to fast and kick debris away from the vacuum and then the vacuum misses this debris during cleaning. It doesn’t miss a lot of debris but more some other robots. Could this possibly be fixed with a software update or would this be a hardware limitation?

I received my vac over the weekend. Compared to my Roomba 690, it is quieter, runs longer, and seems to pick up more debris - especially dog hair. In fact, I have to remember to empty the bin after every session, because it gets full. A few things:

  1. On the first use, it returned to base when the battery dropped to 40%. Since then, it returns at 8%.

  2. When it returns to base without completing the job, it does not automatically pick up where it left off. If I restart it, it will start the entire job over.

  3. The app numbers my rooms, but I cannot select which rooms to clean. nor can I rename the rooms. I seem to remember that there’s a Beta app that addresses this, but how do I get it?

  4. At times, when it’s on my short-pile carpet, I’ve noticed that the back end of the vac kind of sticks up in the air. Any idea why that would be?

  5. Is there any way to get a notification when the dust bin is full? So far, it hasn’t stopped on its own when it’s full, so it’s not really doing anything.

I noticed that too. When the vac runs it tends to wobble, so it looks like its always sticking its rear end up. My Roborock runs very level, it doesn’t have this ( feature??) The problem I see is that the wobble effect can cause the vac to hang up and high center. I watched it getting caught on some cords, the wobbling made the vac tangle into the cords even more. Instead of gliding over it like the Roborock does. The Wyze vac also charged to only 60% several times and then decided it was time to vacuum on it’s own.

That’s pretty awesome actually. There’s been a decent amount of research showing that it ruins batteries faster to keep charging them all the way to 100%. It’s way better to keep them between like 40%-80% most of the time. If you do that, they last much longer and hold more power for a lot longer. It would be really cool if we could set our battery limits like that, but the vacuum doing this on its own (running again to finish cleaning before first pushing it’s way packed to 100% is actually way better for your vacuum. Hopefully they don’t “fix” that…

Keep in mind that 100% is not really 100%. The actual charge is only 80% or so of the batteries true capacity . So the battery is already doing what you have mentioned… This is a issue with the programs charge time, that’s why it’s not always stopping at 60% and only doing so at odd times. It needs to be addressed for sure.