Smart Switch for the RV

Does anyone have any advice on how to wire in the wyze smart light switch in an RV?

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Are you talking about 12v or 110v? If 110v, the installation would be the same as for a home…ground, neutral, power and load. If 12v, won’t work.

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Its a 12v lighting system but I figured out how to get them to work. Independently run a 120v to the switch, use the provided jumper wire to connect the the load output to a “120v to 12v” step down, then connect the 12v light circuit to the other side of the step down. I will add the link below for the step down. I am a aviation electrician by trade, so this was pretty simple once I found the necessary parts. Thank you for your response though.

Happy you got it working, but I have to ask, why? Unless you have an internet connection you won’t be able to turn them on or off. Just wondering what you intend to do with them, out of curiosity, nothing more.

I run the WineGard 360 router for internet in my RV. I have Wyze cams inside and outside my RV for security, Wyze thermostats, and soon the Wyze smart switches, all of which I run through the 360 router for a secure connection. I full-time RV and the park I stay at has really good WiFi with great security, so I piggy-back the wifi signal for other electronics in my home.

That makes sense. However, with the AWS outage, do you really want an RV where you can’t turn on the lights? :slightly_smiling_face:

LOL, no kidding. I thoroughly enjoy Wyze products so I think it will all work out in the end.

I’m worried about Wyze as a company right now. Too many self-inflicted problems (firmware, app, home monitoring) as well as external issues like AWS. Seems every time I check the forum there’s another issue caused by faulty firmware or problems from firmware that never get resolved.

I have other switches and plugs I’m using and they are much more robust than the Wyze products and will work with or without internet. Heck, some can even function as an old fashioned analog light switch: flip up-on; flip down-off. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Check out this setup I believe this is what you are looking for
OneControl ® Smart RV Technology | Lippert

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That seems to be a really slick product…

I have that installed on my rig but does not control bedroom lights and kitchen lights just the overhead led lights that light up everything versus a target area.

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