Smart Coffin ⚰ for Hopeful but Hapless Transhumanists

I am glad to say I never experienced parking shortages. My employers had huge parking lots. On one facility, it was forested and had loads of deer prancing around. Such fond memories before working from a corner office at home. Ah the memories. :deer::deer::deer::deer::deer:

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I was talking parking in general. I own my business and I work from home most of the time. There is employee parking on premisses and I have no issue finding a spot. Mine is reserved to yours truly :slight_smile:

The issue with parking at least in Toronto, is trying to get in the city just to grab a bite to eat, then parking becomes an issue.

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I hope (not assume) :slight_smile:

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For personal reasons I stopped believing in God long, long time ago.

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Our public library subs-out movie streaming to a thing called kanopy. You get six free movies a month. When you run out of credits there’s a thing called ‘credit-free viewing’ you can use until you get refreshed. This was in there when I ran out recently and I watched it. It also floats free on the web. :slight_smile:

Well there’s a classic I won’t mind missing.


All part of the culture, I guess, unless or until all are forgotten…

The great narratives. :slight_smile:

Here’s a note for you psychedelia fans.

I said I watched the middle film - but only intermittently, it turns out.

Sleep kept intervening - much like my experience trying to watch Ken Burns’ The Civil War back when. The narrator in Burns’ film was less monotone than the Inner Worlds guy, but the letter reading and music were also in a narrow range of rhythm and tone. As good a sleeping pill as Sunday afternoon golf for me. :golf:

Still, I was determined to watch it all so I jumped back in a few times (roughly where I thought I’d drifted off) and had the sensation that the fixed-length film itself was expanding much like the universal fractal structures and logorythmic hoo ha it depicted.

I suppose it wasn’t but the sensation was quite real, pleasant even. Not bad for something out of the free bin, eh? :mushroom: :slight_smile:

So you just fall asleep through a movie or a show, just like I do. The wife hates it. I keep on telling her to find a younger fella, she won’t listen. Story of my life :rofl:

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Brother from another slumber. :wink:

The original

San Francisco aka. Turd City has been Metropolis for years. :astonished:

Do you still visit?

I live 30 miles away and haven’t been to SF in at least 6 years.

Yeah, that’s sad.