Smart Alarm Clock with aromatherapy/essential oil diffuser

With Phillips Hue’s progressive wake alarm clock being so expensive and aroma therapy clocks not being connected, it would be interesting to see what Wyze could make. It would fit around the direction of Wyze producing health related products, Wyze band and scale. I imagine a clock that would be connected via the Wyze system, that would have a screen and additional portion that would have color adjustable LEDs and a built in diffuser using water and oil or a heating element that would warm sent pellets. This would also allow Wyze to enter a field of purchasing refills for the sents.

Maybe with some audio functionality? syncs with the app.

Any interest? I would certainly buy one. :slight_smile:

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Simple functions, but with the ability to see Wyze (and other?) cameras on one larger than an iPhone screen. Also, configuration allows for a subset of news, sports, etc, that can be streamed free. Possibly a subscription for advanced features, like being able to make calls, control more devices, etc?

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something akin to the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential would be absolutely fantastic. Nothing fancy, nothing over the top, just simple and well thought out functions.

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I would love to see an LED color changing night light that has sound machine noises and a variable brightness clock/ alarm built in. It would be wonderful if it also had an option as a “sunrise light wake up” and was voice controlled as well as manual. A version with a camera could also be made as we have way to many of these individual devices on our baby and children’s dressers.
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x10000 this.

Hatch products are in this space, but they are SO expensive, and the cheaper models utilize not-so-great bluebooth.

Literally, all it is is a speaker, led lighting, and possibly a display. Why does it cost $60 for the basic model or $120+ for the “adult” version of this.

Wyze could definitely create a $20 version that is wifi enabled!! It would sell out immediately.

I will say that after using the Lenovo Smart Clock for several months now, the only real feature I think it’s missing is a battery backup. It has a night light to it, large-ish numbers, day of the week, basic temp and weather display. I would not want a camera in it for use in a bedroom or near my work area.

The sunrise light could be useful, but it’s not one that I foresee using.

Product Idea - Smart Alarm Clock

I think a good addition to Wyze’s home/lifestyle product lineup would be a smart alarm clock primarily for (but not limited to) use in bedrooms.

List of possible features:

  1. Speaker w/ FM radio, Bluetooth, and aux cable sources for playing music or podcasts (w/ sleep timer)
    2. Google Assistant and/or Alexa built-in (voice control for other smart devices, or just general voice assistant use)
  2. Large, dimmable digital clock face w/ 12- or 24-hour clock modes, date & day of the week, current weather, and room temperature (doesn’t need to be an LED screen, could be just a numerical display with more symbols)
  3. Customizable alarms programmable through the Wyze app or using buttons on the clock itself (multiple alarm sound options such as a beeper, buzzer, radio, music, or make your own through app)
  4. Physical buttons for the radio, audio input source, volume, alarms, dimmer, time/date, etc
    6. Programmable multi-function buttons (1-3) that can trigger rules or initiate actions for other smart devices, similar to how the Wyze Switch works (set up through app of course)
  5. USB ports for charging devices (Type-A, maybe Type-C?)
  6. Night light?

Also, there could be multiple models, a lower-cost, more basic one with fewer features and a fancier one that’s a little more expensive.


Agree! A basic, Wifi connected smart clock with battery backup. Or a small rechargeable battery that would last through a power failure of 8-10 hours, so you don’t miss your airport pickup in the morning after a power failure.

Bought the Lenovo, and am fairly disappointed overall. I think you guys can do it better.