New product: Smart Wall Clock

Simple, low cost smart wall clock, a greatly overlooked item.

Applications are endless. digital wall clock, visual alarms (set, time left, alarm indication, clock faces), voice control, chimes, cuckoo, band integration, event notification, …

Wall clocks are great for quick time checks in a room with audible time chime/cuckoo (hourly, half-hour…).

Product suggestion. Analog wall clock that connects via wi fi and uses configurable NTP server to ensure accurate time.
Currently there are the “Atomic clocks” that utilize the AM signal from WVVB. There are many of these. But they don’t work well in side a structure as getting the signal can be difficult on the east coast indoors.

If instead the wall clock connected via WiFi and you could configure the NTP server and how often to sync (say every 6 hours) then you would have a good sellable replacement that would work WAY better then other competing clocks that use the “old” technology.


This looks like this idea died on the vine, saddly

I’d by a Smart Wall Clock for my office that perhaps had weather info… a Small LCD screen to monitor my door bell?.. Something that would trigger LED lights or other indications of all my sensors status… Red for open, Green for Closed on my entry sensors for example.

There are a multitude of things you could do by tying in Rules/Sensors/Cameras/Weather/Thermostat info & control/Sprinkler Controller status… etc.