Siren > Device Trigger Rule > needs Notification Sent, Recording marked and should Ring or Siren on your phone

@SlabSlayer , I thank you for taking the time to analyze in detail all of the situations I have laid out and some of your alternatives are quite brilliant. I am a retired QA Mgr (20 years) for a software company in Dallas, TX. and part of my purpose there was to improve the product for both the End User and also to enhance the product by reducing it’s dependency on 3rd party solutions. We had much more control over anything we could code within our product, not to mention outside solutions changed often and usually not to our benefit.

Of my 12 cameras, spread around 2 different residences (1 in Dallas and 1 in East Texas), only 5 of them are V3’s that are capable of not only the Siren, but have an improved night resolution. So putting a V3 in my bedroom facing the wall just for the Siren is not an ideal solution. Workable, yes, but a waste of a precious resource.

This is truly a creative alternative. However, ultimately the goal should be to reduce the reliance of a 3rd party solution, to design the Siren so it can push a notification, and offer the Wyze customer a variety of Siren sounds so they don’t have to go outside of the Wyze products. By using the Person Detection, although the time range would reduce it, it would seem the chances of False Triggers from other cameras could possibly taint the actual Siren occurrences. Whereas, if ONLY Sirens were the subject, there would be no False Triggers reported.

I was not aware (until now) of the Rules History logs. Yes, that is awesome to know, although it obviously requires quite a few extra steps to obtain this information, but I will absolutely check those logs each morning, albeit not in real time,

Another brilliant alternative. This will definitely be something I’ll research to determine if there is a small device that will generate a siren type noise whenever it has power. I’ve never heard of anything like this, but I can envision something like a automobile car horn or similar…although that will probably scare the [mod edit] out of you if you are sound asleep when it fires off at 3am!

Since Wyze is entering the Home Security arena, I think they should predict how an End User would expect a solution to function. The goal of this WishList item was to improve the Siren function that was recently added in the V3 cameras. It should be a complete package that not only sounds an alarm to thwart the intruder, but it should awaken the End User and have easy access to the information that created the alarm, easy access to the video (the proof), and a record such as an email (or SMS, too) that can be forwarded to the authorities should the need arise. All this should be done in-house without the need for ANY outside 3rd party add-ons.

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