Sign out button on app home screen

I would like a log off button close to the home screen. I use my wyze cams to check in on my elderly mother. There is no reason to have them on all of the time. I use to always turn them off when I was done. BUT after reading comments in the Wyze commmunity about hacks & response from Wyze (change your password, which means to log off of your account) I decided to log off after I check in on her. Currently there is about 5 steps to get to the log out button. Thanks

I have entered this request into the #wishlist. I will point out, however, that from the home screen, it is two taps to make the Sign Out button appear:

  1. Tap Account
  2. Tap username at the top

Thanks Loki,

2 taps, scroll down, then tap log out, yes, but a big circle to log out. Especially after Wyze recent data breach, I would think you would want to have a intuitive, convenient log out button for those of us who log out after each use.


It should be noted that logging out of the app does nothing to turn the cameras off, and if you’re worried about hackers potentially spying, logging out each time does nothing to address that either.

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I do turn the camera off before logging out. I know there is only so much security & I take that risk. But I do what I am able.

I just think that a log out button could be easier to get to after turning the camera off. It’s my wish.


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Don’t forget to vote for it in the upper left

Thanks, I’m not a techie. Just voted.