Shutting off camera automatically

A routine that makes the camera shut off when you walk in the door by entering your apartment and signing on to your Wi-Fi home network or another routine on Google home like it used to be years ago I believe hey Google shut my cameras I could say now hey Google start my cameras but it won’t shut my cameras I’m not talking about streaming I’m talking about the physical cameras on and off. The cameras work okay geofencing you know a thousand yards away and 1,000 yards coming home they go on and off but I’m talking about if I stay in my building and don’t leave my building but I leave my apartment there’s no way to start and stop my cameras with my home Wi-Fi network on and off thank you

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Since you are using Google Home, it will be a bit difficult to make this happen since there are no Power On\Off action commands in Google Home for the cams.

But, that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

You have two possible triggers identified in your post. The first is your Phone logging into your Home WiFi Network, the second is a Google Home Voice Command. For both, you will need another Wyze Smart Device that has a simple On\Off command that is available as a Routine Action in Google Home to be used as a Smart Relay between the Google and Wyze Ecosystems. I use Wyze Plugs.

For the First, when your phone logs into your Home WiFi, it will be complicated. You will need an app on your phone that monitors your WiFi status. I use MacroDroid. When the App detects a change in WiFi Status, “connects to Home Network”, it can execute a macro script that will send a Webhook Virtual Smart Button Press to Google Home to trigger the same routine(s) you will use for Voice Commands. I have never used Webhooks with Google Home, only Alexa, so I’m not certain what advanced setup that entails within Google Home, but from reading, it is possible albeit complicated.

In Google Home, for your Arrival Voice Command Routine, the action will be to turn off the Wyze Plug.

In Wyze, a Rule is created such that when the plug is powered Off, each designated cam is powered Off.

A reciprocal set of Macro Scripts, Routines, and Rules would be programmed for your Exit.

Thanks I’ve tried most of the things you suggested bottom line as of 3 minutes ago I just went to my Samsung phone made a routine and when I walk in the door it loads up two apps my voice app and my casa app and I manually shut up my cameras and I manually shut up my lights pray to this maybe you or two ago when you said okay Google shut my cameras it shut off the wise cameras it doesn’t do that no more but thank you anyway it works terrific when I did it with IFTTT but I’m cheap and I only have the two free ones again thank you very much appreciate your answering your replies and eventually they’ll go back to the old way OK Google shut my cameras and wolf Puff the cameras are shut the way it should be again thank you

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