Should add new feature update to pan cam v2

Here’s the update that the Wyze Pan Cam v2 isn’t compatible with the Cam Plus Pro

Well that is interesting :thinking:.

Their CPPro app assignment UI sort of contradicts their published Knowledge Articles doesn’t it.

I will assume that the Security Outside and Cash Me cams are both WCPv1 and can be assigned? And the 3 Kihei cams are the WCPv2?

Wondering if @WyzeJasonJ can tap the WCPv2 CPPro expert @ Wyze just to confirm compatibility.

That is correct the cash me and security outside cams are both v1 and the other 3 are all v2 so it doesn’t make any sense if they say that v2 is compatible with Cam Plus Pro,but hopefully will add it on in the near future

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Yes. I tagged in the Wyze Digital Media Team Member who monitors the forum. When he gets back into the office he should be able to forward your post to someone at Wyze to get some clarification on the discrepancy.

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Also they should bring back the siren feature for it to add to rules as well because what’s the use of the camera if you don’t have it and they made this v2 for a reason with the siren feature. I just wish they haven’t remove that in the first place. But will see how this goes

This has been brought up in the links provided above. Jason puts out a weekly update in the Fix-it Friday thread detailing progress toward issues that have been reported. I suggest going to that thread topic and scrolling to the bottom left. Change the Topic Controls from Normal to Watching. You will then get an email of the updates whenever Jason posts them.

Here is his last update on the issue:

Also another thing they should put a special serial number so it will be unhackable and unusable if it got lost or stolen in my opinion

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That has been a Wishlist feature request for some time:

Follow the link, vote at the top, add your post to the bottom.

Currently Cam Plus Pro does not support Wyze Cam Pan v2,

Are there other published articles that you know of that do say it is compatible, if so I need to track those down.


Is there going to be an added new feature for the siren or is there going to be one anytime soon? I just miss the siren feature it helped me when my store was about to get burglarized and it saved me a ton

This was brought up in the Fix It Friday as @SlabSlayer mentioned. I just got out of an internal meeting on those items and this has been classified as a bug and is being looked into, I do not have an ETA when it will be back but we are working on it.

The only one I know of is the reference posted above from the knowledge article:

I don’t know how I missed that one, I will point out to the team there is a better way to word that since it WILL be available but isn’t currently.

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Indeed. Moderately ambiguous. Doesn’t help that there are two different article posts essentially answering the same question. Easy to get cornfused. Maybe the second should just link back to the first.

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Thank you so much hopefully this bug will be solved as soon as possible looking forward to it

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Yes I’m happy now the siren turn on or off is back here’s the updated picture

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Also they should add this feature for camera groups since you have the siren added as a rule they should put a small button to trigger manually maybe top or bottom (depending on how many cameras you have only works for pan cam v2 and wyze cam v3) so once you clicked on your camera groups you would see everything and a button to use the siren just in case something goes down…this would be helpful

For some odd reason whenever I go to playback on my iPhone and I record the video it doesn’t have any sounds it’s weird because my android my secondary phone works well no problem but iPhone is not showing any sounds after I recorded a video playback please help thank you

No sound on iPhone in recorded footage is a known bug that has been reported in multiple threads. I would suggest you read thru these and post there.

Yes I did thanks for the info now I have to use my secondary phone since the iPhone sound for Wyze isn’t working for now until it’s fixed and thank you for your time

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