Setting up a second base station for a family member

I have a base station and two cameras which I love. I purchased a second base station and a couple of cameras for a family member. I want to access and share the new cameras among family members while keeping my cameras private. Should I create. New account for the second base station, with a new email address?

The account is basically for control of the cameras.

If the new cameras are at a second location, then you probably should create a new account & give it to them to control their cameras. From their new account you can share to whomever you like.

If the cameras are at your location, then you probably ought to put it on your account so you have control of them, and share them from there.

They would only see the cameras you share, not all your cameras.

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Set them up in your account, and have the other person download the app and then share the cameras that you want to share,we have over 89 cameras in service and we share alot of them with family/friends very easy to set up