Serious sudden battery drain

It has now been 3 times in a row that I charge my outdoor cam and within just a few hours it drains completely. It’s being used as a backyard cam, which really doesn’t get much movement unless it’s from either us taking the dogs out or other things, and it’s still not much. Plus it’s on the cam plus lite. I’ve already submitted a ticket/log and got the usual try this try that automated message.


I have another wco and it’s not behaving like that.

Hello @Phubu, I am filling in for Gwen while they are away on leave. I am sorry you are having this experience. I would try contacting support on this as this is definitely not how it should be operating.

WYZE Support

Live support is available:


Monday - Friday 4 am - 8 pm PT

Saturday - Sunday 8 am - 6 pm PT

I’ll give that a try

This happened to me yesterday; I didn’t use the outdoor cam for a week and it drained completely in a matter of a few hours…


We will look into your log ID.

Could you also submit an app log for me?

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Not too sure if I did it currently but there it is.
I submitted an app log as well in case you can trace back into any issues.

Hi @Phubu ,

We looked at your log yesterday. It seems like the camera didn’t have this battery drain problem at the end of December but starting 1/15, the camera’s battery began to drain very fast because the camera keeps triggering events every 1 min (your set cooldown time) but eventually those events got filtered out by our algorithms as there were no obvious movements in videos, which resulted in the battery drain. We also saw that you did 3 battery charges and the issue is consistent every time.

We’re not able to identify what’s changed on 1/15 in the log. Assuming all settings and environments remain the same, your camera might be defective. I want to bring it back for analysis. Can you please send a support ticket to support[at]wyze[dot]com? Send me the support id number so i can replace your cam and bring the bad one back. If you can remember any details regarding the change, pls let me know and if possible, send a photo of your camera setup.

Thank you.


It’s the same setup as before, same spot. Can’t really remember anything else or if it maybe happened after an update. I’ll grab the picture tomorrow morning during daylight.

And how exactly i go about getting and sending that ticket?

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Any heat source next to the camera that might trigger it?

You can simply send an email to our support email address with a short description of your problem and you should receive a reply from Wyze with a support ticket number. Pls send that to me once you get that.

I do have a string of lights near it, but there are rarely ever on unless we call them on via Google when we go to the back, but they are never on long enough and and shouldn’t be hot to even affect the camera. Sorry didn’t get the picture of the setup, I’ll do my best to get it this time. And thank you for the instructions, I thought it was something within the wyze app.

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Noted! Thank you. So you don’t think there’s a correlation between the lights and cam triggers, for instance, date 1/15. How far is the light from the cam? Love to see the setup image but no rush. I’ll wait for your ticket number. :slight_smile:

Issue sent to support👍

I wouldn’t want to guess the distance, but I do know the cam is much above the string of lights like they’ve always been before having any issue.

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@WyzeLi here is the pictures/ setup. It used to be the driveway cam until I purchased the flood light. Than I transferred it to the back where it was good for a long time, until this new issue.

I haven’t seen any response from the support email I sent. But here is a ticket# from a previous conversation About the issue. 1762614

Been a good while now still have that horrible battery drain, i sent the email long ago and still no help, was told another would be sent. Any info would be greatly appreciated