You lucky person!! The rest of us are drooling.
Remember the PIR sensor is different than the camera pixel-change sensor.

They do not have much use at all

Have to use with cameras or useless

There is zero cases where a sensor where there are no cameras is efficient


@John517 @Pitt, I didn’t see a point to them either at first… I think it with be useful to know if you left the garage door open. I have a camera in the garage but it’s not like I’m constantly watching that. If the contact sensor knows the garage is open, it will alert you without you needing to open your camera to see that.

I get a lot of false alerts with the sun/clouds so that’s what I’m going to use for the motion sensor.

If you don’t see a point, then it’s a good thing you cancelled your order. Save the $25 for a future outdoor camera :wink:

I’m not sending mine back I ordered two

I’ll find a use for them eventually

Contact sensors are good for windows and doors

Garage door, mailbox, basement freezer, shed door… I could go on and on where they could be used where you might not want a camera… don’t have a camera… or don’t need one either. Just my $.02

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It’s ok if they have zero use for you. In my case I have a camera that points out a window to the front porch. That cam has the pixel changing notifications on, which work great for packages being delivered (and also notifs from when the neighboors get home and use their headlights to light up the porch). I also have a camera inside the kitchen that faces the front door and the garage service door. I will be using my contact sensors on my interior doors to send notifs because I don’t want the pixel changes to tell me my cats are jumping around inside. :slight_smile: Now if I get a notif that my cats are opening doors, then it’s on to plan b.

Well what’s plan B?

Are you prepared?


Not prepared, hoping it doesn’t come to that. Lol

Sensors will likely cover areas your cameras may not cover or cover well. I don’t care to buy 20 cameras to cover every window and door AND I may not have an outlet handy in every area. I may have a door and window sensor to give me alerts that something has been opened somewhere in the home. The motion sensors let me know that a living being (human, bear, whatever) is in the home in an area which the camera may not cover, a part of a basement, attic windows, etc.

To use the sensors you need at least one camera to provide the bridge with power. Other than that, the sensors have nothing to do with the camera.


Could you please tell me what other ‘smart system’ you are using your Wyze Sense with? It sounds like you are doing similar things to what I want to do (i.e. not camera or ‘only Wyze Bulb’ related’

I am going to put a motion detector in each bathroom. When there is motion, turn on the lights.

I plan on putting a motion sensor at the top of the stairs and another at the foot of the stairs. When their is motion, turn on the light. When motion clears, turn off the light.

Don’t have kids so don’t need sensors on the liquor cabinet but I can use the sensors to trigger lights in the garage and closets when the doors open.

However, if you don’t have a use for them, I am sure that works as well.

I use smartthings for any additional “smarts/automation”