Sensor status LED indicator light panel

Because I rarely carry my phone around when I’m home I’ve already created an LED alarm panel using a smart outlet strip with 3 LED night light plugins and 2 smart USB ports. The problem is that it’s bulky because I used bathroom night-lights (from Dollar Tree) and Mini USB LED Car Lights (from eBay). Wyze has the resources and people to put together a better, smaller, less expensive package. I use 2 duplicate panels (bedroom and kitchen) to let me know when someone opens a door (contact sensors), leaves the garage door open, leaves the refrigerator/freezer door open or walks down the sidewalk (motion detector). Approximate cost was $20 each. I’ve talked to suppliers but they all want a prototype and an order for thousands before they’ll look at it.

Interesting idea. Could you post a photo of your existing solution so we have a clearer idea of what this is.

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Top pic is of my bedroom alarm panel. I’ve put a piece of tape on top of the night light because it was lighting up the whole room. The tape to the right is the same the reason for when the freezer/fridge door is open or ajar. Third white LED is back door left open and top left red LED is power on LED the bottom red USB LED in the kitchen pic is freezer/fridge door is open or ajar. In the bedroom pic it’s not visible.

Bottom pic: this duplicate smart 3 plug outlet strip which has Dollar General dusk to dawn night lights plugged in with a piece of tape over the sensor so they’re always on (the other type of night light has a switch that could be accidently turned off). The 2 smart USB outlets have regular auto “mood lighting” LEDs plugged in.

Could not find any commercially available smart outlet strips with more than 5 total controllable outlets of either kind. 120V outlet or 5V USB. Tried to find a supplier before I tried to patent this idea of multiple controllable USB ports to plug in different colors of LED representing different sensors. I also thought about multiple color single LEDs. I gave up and made my own.

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