Securing Your Home And Network

I just wanted to share something that may help a user think a little easier about hacking and hijackers. Here are two simple ways to help prevent hackers gaining access to other devices on your network that Wyze is connected too. I will update as I continue testing.

  1. Assign the Wyze camera to a non two step guest network that is isolated. Most routers now have this option. What I mean by two step is make sure after you select the network, it doesn’t take you to a web landing page to enter the password.

  2. Create an additinal VLAN and DHCP scope on your router to only point externally. Most routers have this option with the exception of the cheap routers. This method is harder but more secure and in most cases be used in a business atmosphere.

I will update this as I do more testing. But so far I love this product!