Searched but cannot find: is the Outdoor Cam v2 compatible with original base?

I have a single Outdoor cam with a Wyze solar panel and, for the most part, it’s working fairly well. I’m thinking of adding a second camera to be able to cover the area I want to protect and get better detection with different angles. Is the Outdoor Cam V2 compatible with the base station for the original outdoor cam, or am I going to have to have 2 base stations? If not compatible - is it still possible to buy the original outdoor cam?

The WCO V2 is compatible with the original base. There is only one base station version in both the original WCO and the wco V2 use it.


Yea it’s compatible. Keep in mind each base only supports up to 4 cameras, so if you are getting more than 4 you will need another base.


I cant geta new camera to sync. After 3 calls and buying another camera because they said the new one is defective, they tell me now the original base is not compatible with v2 camera. So what is it and what is really wrong?

Here is a compatibility list that may be helpful.

The base station for the battery powered WCO is the same for both v1 and v2, and is entirely compatible.

If you could get me the ticket number from that support chat I could escalate it and let Wyze know of the mistake.

I appreciate the help. Theyare no help at all and now I have only one camera because I sent the others back. Here. it is…[Wyze Ticket 2880970] Re: Wyze Cam Outdoor v1 | Won’t Sync

And here is the last return for the new camera

Thank you, I will let Wyze know to look into it and see if there is an issue.

Well there has to be an issue. My other camera is down and doing the same thing. Researching on line I see dozens and dozens of people with the same problem.