Can Wyze Cam V2 connect to new Base station?

Can Wyze Cam V2 connect to new Base station that is available with the Outdoor Cam.
I have a weak signal to my V2, and I would love to use the Base station to help with that also.

@sterlingma1 Welcome to the Wyze community! No, I don’t believe this is possible. To my understanding, the v2 cams are not compatible with the base station.


That integration would be great. Thanks for the quick response. I’ll continue to use my Wifi Extender.

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Now that the WCO and Base Station have been out for a while, has there been any movement to make the base station more open to other Wyze products? I have a WCO and 2 V2 cameras, I would like to have the V2 cameras streaming to the WCO base station, to free up my main router for other traffic.