SD vs HD?

I have had my V2 camera for a few weeks now and it works fine except I see no difference in SD to HD. Nothing looks any better if I have it in the HD mode. Should I be seeing a better picture? Just wanted to know if its mine or its like that for everybody.


Very good question.

In regard to HD/SD, it is not about video resolution (both are 1080p) but rather the amount of compression that is done before transmission. If you look carefully, you may notice that areas of a plain field with a gradual change of color (eg. a lawn) show a bit more pixilation in SD due to the higher compression. Depending on the scene being viewed, it can be hard to tell. You can also notice that the transmission rate (data rate) as shown in the upper left corner of the live stream view will be lower for SD and higher when you switch to HD.

There’s nothing wrong with your camera.

Thank you for the explanation. I have one more question. For some reason the app is saving all of my notifications to my phone. I look in my photo gallery and even tho I have erased them in the app there is another copy in my gallery. How do I stop this? Thanks again.

As far as I know, the notification alert clips should not be being saved to the phone’s gallery unless you do so manually via the share menu.

It’s doing the same thing on my android phone s7 , but not on my android tablet , confused ?

I don’t know why it’s doing it but I’m not doing it manualy

Dang , It is saving clips to my tablet now , was not before

I’m not an Android user, but here’s the word from the Wyze crew…

G: These are temp files that are cached. Clearing the cache should help but these will go away on their own.

B: Yes, mine do go away on their own. I also avoid opening the gallery until after I have cleared the cache.

Not being an Android user, I have no idea how to clear the cache.

Ok, I see , no biggie then .

Thanks RickO

“Not being an Android user, I have no idea how to clear the cache.”

I found you can Clear the cache right in the wyze app, go to My Account , and Settings , there you will find on the left Cash File Size on the right in green ,tap Clear