SD card playback - auto play to detected vehicle / person

Hey everyone!

I was wondering if when you watch a playback video from a sdcard, you could automatically skip to a spot in the video where something is detected? Instead of having to watch the whole footage?

A couple things come to mind. Since you’re asking, I am assuming you are recording to the uSD card continuously. If you look at events (cloud based), there is an icon at the bottom that sort looks like a SD card. Click that and it will take you the same time on the playback from the uSD card. If you recording only events, then the arrows on either side of the timeline will take you to the next event.

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If you have event only local storage enabled you just need to hit the arrows on either side of the timeline to go to the next clip or go to the previous clip.

But continuous recording is a different animal, what about this existing wish list item?

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