Scoping out the back yard

Hard to tell but this looks like a nuthatch or chickadee.

Same time inside the same birdhouse.

This looks more like a starling/sparrow. I put some pine needles in the house a few days ago and they are all gone, replaced with other nesting material.


That’s a pretty nice idea having the camera both inside and out. I’ve been using one inside a birdhouse for years, but never thought to put one on the outside of the same house.

This house is popular with many types of birds.

It is too small for a v3 and too remote to send power so a WOC is attached to the tree.

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I like that, Nice and natural looking!

The video birdhouse I made years ago finally got too worn out and was falling apart, so I made a new one this summer out of cedar and a different design to replace it. Here’s a picture of the outside of the new one and a video from the V3 camera inside of a wren checking it out the very same day I installed it during mid-summer. She was probably wondering where the old house went, but seems to like the new one. :grin:


Nice woodworking!

Looks like the wren put some nesting material in the box to claim it. :+1:

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Yup! I get wrens every year. Sometimes two sets of babies, one spring and one summer. One year with the old birdhouse, some sparrows tried to claim it and started building a nest, but the mamma wren eventually kicked them out and remade the nest herself. The wrens use sticks and the sparrows used softer material.

Bluebirds prefer pine needles. We have two 40+ plus pine trees in the front yard.

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Male House Sparrow

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