Satellite Formation

I was reviewing V3 video files from August looking for meteors when I came across what looks like a formation of 3 satellites. They are in the center of the frame about a third of the way up from the bottom. They appear 1 at a time, but all 3 are visible together before they fade away.

The camera is pointed north, but pointed straight up. The top of the screen is south. The formation is moving south to north. At first I thought it might be Starlink, But the middle one is not in line with the other 2.

Any ideas?

Are you sure that’s exactly N–>S? I don’t get any viable hits for 3 in formation at that date & time over your location, but I don’t necessarily have data for all satellites either.

I would say it is close to north/south. Maybe skewed a little east. I aimed the camera Perseus to catch the Perseids meteor shower.

You saw all 3 satellites? Strange how the 2 line satellites were so much brighter than the one to the left.

They could have been on the edge of the shadow, or a different design with their solar panels smaller or angled slightly differently. I noticed some candidates were also at different altitudes.

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Neat! (takes notes for Drum Corps drill chart ideas)

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I’ve been reviewing the videos from my SkyCam from August. (Don’t ask, it’s been a rough couple of months,)

Anyway, I think this is one of the best meteors/fireballs I’ve captured yet. :smiley: