Rules failing 5-21-20

When I try mine with Alexa, I get an error message that says they can’t find the server

I tested out Alexa turning on and off plugs, on and off bulbs and everything works fine for me.
You should try disabling and then re enabling your Alexa skill

I thought it was me and decided to check here. My lights won’t shut off after the sensor has been clear for programed time. Been 2-3 days since they worked properly. Light come on when sensor triggered, but won’t go off on sensor clear. Rebooted bridge and delete/created rules. I have to manually shut the lights off with the app.


Gwendolyn is aware of it and is reporting it to the team


Yeah, my rules have been running just fine till a couple hours ago. Seems my motion sensor will turn on a plug or bulb but when it clears, it doesn’t turn them off.

Awesome. Thank you for the update! :+1:


All of my rules (camera, bulbs) are not executing today 5/23/2020. They worked fine up till this day.

Similar to others in this thread. My issues are with motion sensors not sending the ‘clear’ status to other rules. Bulbs trigger on motion sensor movement, but don’t turn off after sensor has been clear for ‘x’ amount of time.

Same as many other people here - Rules work to turn on, but not off. It started yesterday for me.

I hadn’t checked here first so I have checked all firmware up to date (bridge needed it) cycled all cams and sensors and lights off, re-wrote rules, pretty much re-did most things, and no change.

Let’s hope they figure out what changed and hence what the problem is soon.

When something like this all of a sudden pops up ’ don’t waste time troubleshooting , you could possibly make things worse, check in here to see if others are having problems

Half of my motion sensors trigger devices on but not off. Weird that some work fine and others don’t. I’ve deleted rules, restarted devices and WiFi too. Lame.

Is it just me or is the MAC address for their wifi bulbs in the Wyze app not match what your router app says the MAC address is?

All my bulbs were named in my router app before about a half hour ago. I just looked and don’t find them anymore in my router app but I have new devices all named “Iwip” with the correct matching IP address to my bulbs but the MAC address aren’t the same.

I confirmed they are the bulbs by turning the light switch to one of the bulbs off and it went offline in the Wyze app and my router app. I flipped the switch back on and it comes back in both apps again.

So strange…hmmm

I noticed on the morning of 5/23, my cams did not turn on according to schedule. I had to turn them on manually. Seems the shutdown mechanism is working. Tonight it shutdown fine. Will check later in the day to see if they reinitated.

I’ve had same problems for 5 days. Went back to 4.9.70 on the app. Seemed to make things a little better but still not right. My routines are working most of the time but some of my contact and motion sensors still showing wrong state.

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Jst a follow up… I have a rule which states turn off lights at 10pm Easter Time which is -4 hours. at 2am the rule fired, which indicates that the rules engine seems to be not taking into account the time zones. However, I have a rule which tells Wyze to start turning lights on at 4:15am, which did wok correctly. To see if it is working, This morning I created a scheduled rule for a bulb to go on and even Device Trigger rule with a motion detector to turn on a bulb. They both worked. Fingers crossed that it is working now. I will know at 7:30 since that is the time I turn my morning lights off.

I had the same issues yesterday where none of my rules fired. Last night I disabled all the rules and thought to deal with them in the morning. Then in the middle of the night, lights started coming on. Turned them off manually. Now, I enabled rules that were only for this morning. So far, they’re working correctly. Hopefully, Wyze has dealt with the problems on their end by now and things will be back to normal.

Beginning yesterday no scheduled events work. I have not made any changes to my network. All commands work with Alexa. Deleting and then creating rules doesn’t help.

Lights turning on all over the house at 1:55 am. No scheduling even close to that time. What is happening? Lights were a little whacky earlier in the day too.

I am having the same issue. Nothing turns on as scheduled and I have to manually turn lights on and off.

Seems to be working now

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