Rule Engine/Mgmt/Organization Changes Coming?

Hello Wyze Team,

Can any employee spill the tea of any Rule Engine changes coming? e.g. Being able to sort your list? More Rules? If/Then/Else? Or anything else fun?

I think the Rule Engine is the best kept and most under touted feature of the Wyze EcoSystem. I don’t think I would want all this stuff (sensors, t-stat, cameras, lights, lock, vacuum) if I didn’t have a Rule Engine to make it automatically change the environment based on time of day or pre-canned settings. Shout out to Geo-Fencing!

But, with all the devices now… it’s gotten very messy in the app. My brain is not happy looking at my list (about 30 Rules and things). And I would like to control it a bit more fine-tuned. I am aware of the on-going wish-list Rule thread.

Can you tell that everything is going to be alright and changes are coming?!?


Yeah, that’s one of the things I’d still really like to see, and I appreciate the desire for the other things you asked about.

I can identify with this. The only other automation platform I’m using consistently is Google Home, and at least that one has the common sense to order my routines alphabetically, so I have an idea of where a routine is going to show up on the list when I name it. Because of that, my naming scheme for Google Home routines tends to start each one with 1-3 emoji, which means that visually scanning my list is easier and routines with similar purpose are automatically grouped for me.

The lack of organizational features with Rules in the Wyze app (along with the similar way that apps are listed when a user wants to choose which notifications to receive on Wyze Watch) kind of gives the impression that even a semblance of order is a low priority in the Wyze universe. Apparently, chaos rules to some degree (or at least a lack of attention to polish and detail), which seems apparent from some of the recent app and firmware update roll-outs.

I did find out you can use Emojis in your rules names. That helps… :sunny: For day… Moon :new_moon_with_face: for night… :door: For door.

But, I agree with everything you said.

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Yup, and I also use specific clock emoji to organize Google Home routines (and name Wyze rules, even though the Wyze app doesn’t autometically “alphabetize” them), and that helps, too.

Say I have three routines that run at specific times and do different things:

  1. Turn on a lamp at 6 a.m.
  2. Reset a camera at 5 a.m.
  3. Turn off a fan at 6 a.m.

I might name my routines like this:

  • :clock5::recycle::movie_camera: Reset Camera @⁠5a
  • :clock6::bulb::green_circle: Turn Lamp on @⁠6a
  • :clock6::wind_face::red_circle: Turn Fan off @⁠6a

Google Home recognizes the clock emoji in order, so it automatically groups those of the same time and takes care of my organization for me. (I assume it’s just arranging things by order of Unicode code point, and if the first characters of any two names match, then it goes to the second character, and so on.) I wish Wyze would just do that if they’re not going to allow manual reordering of Rules.

Thanks! I don’t really expect people to agree with me—especially not “everything”—but these opinions are free, and I appreciate the affirmation!

:pencil2: Edit: Obviously, I’m not super-consistent with my own rules naming conventions. If I was, then the first one on my list would probably be more like this:

  • :clock5::movie_camera::recycle: Reset Camera @⁠5a

OMG, that would make things so much clearer. Consider that, Wyze!

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