RTSP for Live-streaming Church Service

I’ve (re)started live streaming church services a couple weeks ago. Found an amazing piece of software for the iPad to manage streaming - Teradek’s Live Action.

It has an expensive add on ($49.95) to add support or RTSP streams. It also supports other iOS phones to act as cameras as inputs as well. I’ve flashed two v2 cameras with the RTSP software.

iOS seems to stream nicely to the system. However, the Wyze cameras seem to stutter. We’ve got a pretty good WiFI setup (Ubuiquity AC) so I know the wifi is good - especially in the sanctuary.

Using the Camera’s with the Wyze app the video seems pretty solid. Its only with RTSP that I see the ‘jerkiness’ / dropped frames.

Is there anything I can try to improve the quality? Any suggestions are appreciated. Ideally we’d want to keep these cameras on Wyze firmware as we’d like to use them for security when we aren’t live-streaming a service.