Router suggestions

Was using Netgear Nighthawk R6700v2 (1750) and was working great with new Cams, but it got fried. Bought another one but seller didn’t advertise version, and it’s v1 and it’s terrible. Need suggestions on what works best with regular ole Cams and whether I should try to find another v2.

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hi @jfarisho, Welcome to the Wyze Community!

It would depend on what your budget is, I wouldn’t want to suggest something to low or to high for you.
To be honest with routers, for myself I do usually look for the V2, unless I decide to be an early adopter of a new router that came out.

There is such a variation in the software from build to build if the Netgear Nighthawk R6700v2
worked well I’d go with it again.

I’m using the Netgear R6400v2, and it is doing well.


I had a R6400 worked fine the whole time I had it , until I got a different router and stopped using it

I use the Ubiquiti Edger Router Lite v3 for my Router. It doesn’t have any Wi-Fi capabilities but I prefer to keep my devices separate.

For WiFi access, I am using an Access Point from TP-Link. The EAP-225 v2. It is an AC1750 access point. They have upgraded this with a v3 now.

If you are into home automation (or think you might be in the future), consider a router that is IFTTT compatible.