Rotate image in 90° increments

I see a bigger problem than the 90 degree rotation and it is for the bank account of the Mini owner. They are owned by Bring My Wallet. As an old mechanic who has begrudgingly worked on these POS, after they are 7 years old, my advice is to sell it. Run as fast as you can after the sale. Our SnapOn tool truck driver goes to a lot of auto dealerships on his routes. The techs at the local multi-badge Euro dealership say when someone trades in a Mini they never buy another Mini.

But that is the issue with a lot of these companies, the wow factor of using this system does not force you to have a subscription unlike others. So while there is a chance of a feature request, would like it implemented :slight_smile:

I think what we are seeing is a company on the way down trying to find it’s way up to a $kazillion IPO. They are spending so much of their resource on products that few of us cared about when we bought the camera (that created their high profile) that they don’t care about their base customers. Vacuum cleaners?! Really??
This is such a simple fix and they don’t even have enough concern for their customers to respond to our plethora of repeated questions: what’s so hard?
This is not a recipe for success.
Watch for the flames.

Work around is to just turn and when viewing on phone look at sideways or fit to screen, level phone like placing on table, and turn slowly 90° keeping phone level to ground.

Looks like this feature has been requested for some three years without getting any love from the programmers. I voted for it, but just wanted to leave my two cents here as well. My camera is above the front door (so ill-intentioned kids cannot easily reach it) and I would love a rotate-90-degree feature so the view would be of the entire walkway instead of just someone’s feet showing up until they approach the door…

It would be great idea to add a new feature of rotating image to +90 or -90 (270) degree.

I wanted to install two wyze cams on two outdoor side walls but the current settings allow only 180 degree rotation.

I am sure that, adding this feature would help many customers.

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This has been asked for many times. But I do support it. You might want to add you vote the to wish list.

This is getting ridiculous. I can’t believe this is not done yet. I really hope they do something about it. 90 degree rotation is a must for me on my front door.

Agreed, wholeheartedly.

I really need a 90 degree option. I am using a wzye camera to monitor a hallway. Half of my window is the left and right hall and limited to what is close. With 90 degrees I would be able to angle it downward to see directly in front of camera and still see at a distance.

They are doing exactly this with their doorbell camera, it is not a technical challenge, it is simple implementation.

Don’t think Wyze will do as Wyze more interested in new products than solving this 3 yr old request.

I just have a cam turned and I am use to seeing the images sideways.

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I have it mounted at a 90 degree angle and it was fine for me.
Would have been better if it were a setting though.

Has anyone checked person detection when mounted at a 90 degree angle. Does it still work? I’m want to set it up between houses and don’t want to detect leaves or animals.

I don’t have Cam plus on that camera but motion detection works

Yes person does work. Unfortunately, there are more false alerts on lighting changes… car drive-bys at night, lightning, sunny to cloudy days.

Mounted 2 cameras on interior walls, because, guess what, that is where outlets happen to be! Please, please add a 90 degree rotation option!

Are we really been ignore about this request? This is really disappointing

Some of my only options for mounting require a 90 degree adjustment to the screen orientation. More than 1/3 of my cameras require a side installation. The camera doesn’t function optimally with the current situation. Either provide a way to turn 90 degrees using the app or provide a way to adjust the mount so it can be moved to the side of the camera instead of the bottom.

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My previous cameras were Amcrest. Their software allowed rotation in 1 degree increments. Their outdoor dome cameras had a manually rotatable lens also.

I remember Wyze team used to respond in this group actively just 3 or 4 years back. I see this request from aeast 100+ people. I just got Wyze cam 3 and ended up having same issue and desperately need 90 Degree rotation.

Wyze team any response on when you will have this?