Rocket launch 5/9/21 visible to the eastern united states

get your cameras ready everyone.

being the resident space nerd and in light of recent capture what what were thought to be rockets I thought I should post this here as tonight someone MIGHT be able to capture and actual rocket launch. from the picture I posted, I’m located in the yellow zone, but dont have the most ideal sky circumstances…so I more than likely wont capture anything.
it’s supposed to launch sometime after 8pm eastern. which can be very weather dependent. so for updates follow the link. they should post updates :slight_smile: GOOD LUCK!


Unfortunately the clouds have moved in for the evening here in Virginia on my end…again! :sob: :face_with_monocle:

I was just told it was delayed. :frowning: I havent had time to check on that and confirm yet though. I had clouds too