Catch a STARLINK 60 satellite train with V3 starlight sensor! Launch April 28th

Keep those V3s pointed into the night sky!

SpaceX is scheduled to launch another STARLINK 60 satellite train after the scheduled launch on April 28th at 12:05 Eastern.

It might be possible to catch a video of the resulting Starlink train with our V3s.

Now that would be cool!

April 28: A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will launch 60 Starlink satellites for the company’s broadband network in a mission designated Starlink 24 . It will lift off from Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida, at 12:05 a.m. EDT (0405 GMT). Watch it live

SpaceX Starlink Satellites Tracker (

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oh you know ive got one pointed up!

but sadly I have a really bright green house AND a prison nearby…lots of light pollution…but ill be trying my dangdest!. :joy: ( see picture)


wow, creat capture, crazy

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Surely, if we get enough Wyze users pointing their V3s up into the night sky, someone will be lucky enough to be under clear skies to capture a video!

I remain amazed at what this V3 camera can capture! And there is always something coming over the horizon for me to look forward to capturing … well, at least try to capture, weather permitting!

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agreed! I just posted that tracker in another thread too :slight_smile:

Dang, my cloud cover for the 28th isn’t looking so good either … although I’ve had the skies open up, despite what the forecaster says.

Dark Sky Maps

FYI Enter your own location to see cloud cover. For display purposes, I entered Kansas City, not my actual location.

Here’s a neat website I found that allows users to predict satellite and Starlink Train passes that are viewable from their actual houses.

Welcome - Login (

I signed up for a free account. And selected “new Satellite trains” on the left, chose a “train”, then set my actual house location, and clicked on “predict passes.”

No information is available yet for the SpaceX 60 satellite launch set for April 28th, but I’m hoping the website helps guide me to the best possible viewing opportunities (as well as best times for my V3 to capture it).

I also downloaded a “paid” IOS app called STAR WALK 2, then added the satellite and meteor add-on packs, which should also help understand what I’m seeing (and hopefully capturing on my V3) in the dark night sky.

Yes, Professor @Bam, I’m all in on this astronomy stuff. My WYZE V3s are the cause of my addiction. And I thank you and the other Wyze Wise astronomy folks who have helped guide me during my slow and painful learning process.

@WyzeDongsheng, you were the one who first got me excited when you posted the first V3 starlight time lapse video. I never imagined I would own a camera that could do such amazing things!

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I dont use IOS so i can’t speak to what is available, but it seems like the two I use most should be.

the app Mobile Observatory is a good one for pointing out what your are seeing in the sky and looking forward or backward in time. you can also check out the events page in the app and see what’s up coming.

the other one I use is called Stellarium. a far more technical app but very good none the less. when I say technical I mean more nerd driven, and it shows. lol

I can’t wait to see what you capture!

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@Bam, I’ll check them out. Thanks

When do you think the trajectory or orbit path will be “set” for the April 28th launch of 60 satellites?

It’s my understanding that the Satellite Train will be pretty visible and close together for the first three days/nights or so.

Please let us know if a website or app posts any info. Or is that something that will not be known until after launch?

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Found this website that I think shows the anticipated path of L24 Starlink satellites based on users location.

:artificial_satellite: Starlink - See A Satellite Tonight (

Unfortunately, it says my view is going to be blocked 100% by clouds.

Come on, people, somebody has to have clear skies above them to capture a Satellite train!

That would be soooooo cool!

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Launch has been rescheduled. Scheduled to go up tomorrow night. Get those V3s pointed up!

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Calling for rain and cloudy in my area tomorrow night. :sob:

@StopICU33 I feel your pain.

According to the link below, the Satellite Train of 60 satellites is supposed to sail over my house at 4:42 am tomorrow.

The launch of Starlink 24 mission is still a “go” for tonight.

Trouble is, it appears I’m going to be 100% socked in with cloud cover and rain. Arghhhhhh!

:artificial_satellite: Starlink - See A Satellite Tonight (

What’s neat is SpaceX is going to use a “used, recycled” rocket for the mission.

Here’s how to watch SpaceX launch new Starlink satellites on a used rocket tonight | Space

Surely, somewhere, there has to be a Wyze V3 user who is going to have a clear sky view of this! Please let us know if you are going to “try” to capture the Satellite Train!

It’s my understanding (@Bam will fact-check me) that the satellites will spread out as the days go by, so time is of the essence, folks. Get those V3s pointed up into the dark, clear, night sky!


You know I know that they spread out somewhat right after deployment but I want to say once they get to their target orbit their space from each other should stay relatively consistent. That is one of the ways that they would be able guarantee consistency in the signal. I can’t find any hard data on how far apart they are or if the spacing will drastically change over time. This has piqued my curiosity quite a bit. I’m going to keep an eye out for information on this LOL some minute detail.

This is the type of thing I’m nerdy enough I might even create a Twitter account to tag Elon musk in a tweet for and ask him. If that ends up happening I would definitely post that :sunglasses:

@Bam Watching previous You Tube videos of Starlink Satellite trains on my 15 inch laptop, the satellites appear to be 1 to 4 inches apart as they move across my screen.

I’m joking! I’m joking! If you find any facts, please let us know.

I think I maybe saw an older satellite train a few months ago … I watched a high plane or satellite move across the night sky … and then noticed a second one that was tracking along the same path before the first object disappeared off my screen.

Being the sharp tack that I am, I thought, “Hmmm, interesting that those planes seem to be flying similar routes.”

I never once thought about Starlink Satellites train.

But I did notice the two objects transversed the screen on the same path, entering and exiting the same place (although about 8 or 9 inches apart)(Ha)

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Clouds and rain blocked my chance of capturing anything last night. The launch went off as planned.

Checking the cited website above (Starlink – See a satellite tonight), I think (and hope) that I have clear skies and a pretty good chance of catching a Starlink -23 chain of 38 satellites at 9:25 tonight. And then a Starlink-24 chain tomorrow night.

Check the website to see what your chances are … and get those V3s pointed up!

StarLink train from Elbert County, Colorado. The night vision would likely have been a better choice →


@thos.e.starr Wow! Congratulations! You are the first to post the STARLINK-24 Satellite Train! So neat you captured it! Way to go! @bam @WyzeDongsheng

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Check the date on the video - - most likely StarLink 18 or 19

Dang. My bad. Too mesmerized by the Satellite train to notice. How’s your weather tomorrow night?