Another bright meteor

Remarkable that this was seen during a full moon and through partial cloudiness.

Edit: V3 cam in night mode without IR lights.

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Thank you for sharing it @MostlyHarmless42 :comet:.

Was it taken with a V3 Cam?

Nice! Looks like others in your area saw it too!

You should submit your video to AMS, they don’t have one for this occurrence yet.


@Omgitstony, thanks for this link! It may have already been posted, but I am going to save it to my favorites. I am looking through their list to see if any of mine are listed. :smiley:

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Thanks for the link, I’ve submitted the report with video.

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@Omgitstony, I have signed up for the AMS free membership.

I have almost 100 meteor clips that date back to November 2020. Do know what their protocol is for summiting clips? Would they take all of them or just the brightest?


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No idea, sorry!

WOW. Great Catch!