Rocket J. Squirrel

Tree rats are going after my bird feeders.

Wyze needs to make a squirrel launcher.

WOC caught this one checking out one of my birdhouses.



Get a BB Gun

Wyze Labs is on it.proxy-image(20)

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I would, but we have laws against killing fur bearing animals. You have to have a trapper license. That is why people are building squirrel launchers.

True story happened when I was about 10. Learning to solder with a soldering pencil. Not having much success, I got aggravated. Heard a squirrel in the back yard making a hell of a racket. I unplugged my soldering pencil, and threw it at the squirrel that was about 50 feet away. Cord acting like a rudder, cause I speared that tree rat right in the gut. Stabbed with a hot poker! The thing I don’t understand is how I hit the squirrel. I can’t hit the side of a barn with a baseball. And this is not a tall tale. 100 % accurate

I have a chihuahua/rat terrier mix who really likes to chase squirrels. When we are in the kitchen and see a squirrel in her yard, all we have to do is say “OOOOOO” or “Squirrel” and she goes full speed out the doggie door. Hasn’t caught one yet but if she does, I think the squirrel will be Rocky and Punkin will be Drago.

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Within the last ten years, the city ‘Animal Control’ department changed its name, and philosophy, to ‘Animal Care.’ Furry things have never been happier (and well-fed) in this land of a thousand apartments.

A ‘neighborhood cat’ (formerly ‘feral’) just ambled up and said, 'Thanks for the neutering, Chet, I don’t know who I am anymore."

I said, ‘Blame the squirrels. They’re organized.’

Google is now feeding me ads for pencil soldering irons. The only place I mentioned my spearing ability was on this forum. :eyes:

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uBlock Origin is your friend.


I rarely get on my PC. All my gibberish is composed on an iPad.


Oh too bad. But I think you can run Chrome (and maybe even Firefox) with an ad blocker on that. I’m using Fennec (Firefox mobile) with an ad blocker on my Android phone now. But I have not checked whether this is true for my iPhone because I stay away from iOS.

You sly dog, you. I’ve been iOS since the iPhone 4 was introduced, mainly because my brother-in-law recommended it. Probably had nothing to do with him owning Apple stock. Hard to change platforms when both have their pros and cons and I don’t like change.

I do Android sort of. Fire stick 4k and my fire tablets run modified Android but there is no cell option.

While uBlock Origin is not available as an option, iOS did add support for ad blockers a few versions ago.