Robot Vacuum - path direction needs optimized for longer battery life (user-selectable cleaning direction)

As shown in the attached picture, wyze often chooses short back-n-forth distances resulting in battery wastage.

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Yes! I’ve noticed that in my house too. Plus, I’ve seen it stop working on one end of a room and will go to the other end of the house and clean before coming all the way back to what it missed to finish it. I’m sure it’s more efficient than a non-lidar type robot, but still, it should be better than this!

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Completely agree. Only on 2nd day of vacuum use and I’ve noticed these two problems.

  1. The cleaning route should be optimized to do the longer dimension (like hallways) in straight lines up and down the hallway rather than side-to-side. This will save on battery life, cleaning time, and wear and tear on the device from stopping and turning around so much.
  2. Why does it complete most of a room, leaving a small section uncleaned right next to where it was already cleaning and travel across the house, only to return all the way across the house to finish that tiny section later on?? Needs to be smarter!
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Also, I don’t know if this is the same for everyone, but my mapping seems to be a little off-set from orthogonal. My house is oriented almost directly North/South, but I’m wondering if the automatic mapping uses magnetic north or something to orient the map. My map shows the whole house to be “skewed” a little off orthogonal, i.e. when the vacuum is traveling in cleaning lines North/South, it doesn’t make a full track along a long N/S wall, it tends to be slightly off-angle so it bumps into the wall about halfway down the track, then starts a new track next to it. Anyone else seeing this? Wondering what happens in a house that is not N/S or has lots of unusual angles.

I’ve read, and then tested to confirm, that it has to do with how the vacuum starts. If the charger is at an angle compared to the wall, or if the robot isn’t exactly straight on the charger, this will happen. Wherever it starts, that’s where it thinks the wall is. I’ve had to delete the map and restart it after making sure it was where it needs to be.

You would think that with the fancy lidar on top, that it would be able to recognize where the wall is, and level itself out on the map. Maybe for a future firmware update.

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This doesn’t seem to be the case for me. My vacuum/charger has always been perfectly straight against one wall, not angled at all. The latest problem I noticed the vacuum got itself completely lost and then proceeded to re-map the entire house because it couldn’t find its way back to the charging station (I’m guessing it got stuck on the edge of a rug or under a chair). Here is what my house map looks like normally (notice the non-orthogonal orientation of the house and the cleaning lines):

And here is my “new” house after it got lost and re-mapped everything:

Thanks, Wyze vac! My house just got 50% bigger overnight!

Seriously, there needs to be a checkbox to disable active mapping to keep the map the way it is without re-mapping every time it gets lost or every time I move a chair.

I literally had to pick it up and put it back by the charger for it to figure out where it was. It wandered around in circles like a drunken sailor for about 1/2 hour before I couldn’t take it any more and just moved it manually.

I like the checkbox idea, but I also would prefer a better logic when Wyze robot is lost or is interrupted or moved. It has the old mapped map, how it looked just before the interruption, and it rotates around post-interruption so then it should be able to approximately estimate where it is and at least be ball-park where it is. As it starts moving, say it finds that it is say 10 degrees off, the app software could adjust so the houses don’t become 50% larger overnight. :slight_smile: In other words, if Wyze could solve the problem the right way first, the good contengency plan you proposed would be a good fall-back.

If my vac noticed new rooms or gets a little weird and tries to add on to my home, when it docks it asks if I’d like to save the new map. If I select no, it keeps the old map and deletes the new additions.

A wishlist for a couple features for the Wyze Robot Vacuum:
(1) Preferred direction of vacuuming: Once you’ve created a floor map and split it into rooms, it would be nice to be able to tell the Robot Vacuum the direction it should go ‘back and forth’. I’d like to be able to pick a room and change the ‘direction of cleaning’ if I’d like, and then have it clean. Also, allowing you to change the cleaning direction occasionally would assure better cleaning

As it is right now, once it maps the room and vacuums it once, it never alters its main direction, which for our house makes it do short back-and-forth down halls (it looks silly, like the golf cart scene in the 1st Austin Powers movie).

(2) Preferred Room Entry Area I have several ‘rooms’ on the other side of ‘rooms’, so when I tell the robot vacuum to clean those far rooms, it would be nice to be able to specify where I’d like the robot to enter.

The route from the Robot Charging station to our kitchen is either a hallway (the shorter, ‘easy way’) or through a dining room (with table & chairs, the longer ‘hard’ way). The Robot Vacuum has decided that when it cleans our kitchen, it must start on the side that has it go through the farther, ‘harder’ dining room route. It invariable gets confused and lost!

If I could pick the other end of the kitchen as the ‘entry’ point then Robot Vacuum could get there quicker and safer!


Currently, the robot seems to ‘decide’ whether to vacuum in a North-South or East-West direction based on the widest portion of the room (at least that is how mine seems to decide- some rooms are done North-South while others are done East-West). It is extremely consistent in how it selects it’s vacuuming pattern in that regard.

I think it would be nice to have the option to ‘force’ the direction of the vacuuming when selecting rooms to vacuum; I actually think that alternating directions would ultimately lead to a more thorough cleaning. In most cases I’d use the default but once or twice I week I’d like it to vacuum in the alternate pattern.


Optimal cleaning path

It would be nice to have an option where the robot would take the optimal cleaning path to reduce battery consumption based on all the rooms selected. It seems like the robot wastes more energy overlapping zones cleaning individual rooms than it does treating them like larger blocks, This would be a nice select feature in the schedule module.

Alternate Robo Vacuum Cleaning Pattern

Would like the Robo Vacuum not follow the same path each time it runs or at least give the option to ask it to. Alternating directions would be better for the carpets and also assist in getting deep down dirt out of the nap.
i.e., One time it process up and down | | | | |
next time back and forth

Maybe even add in diagonal paths //////// and \\\\\ every now and then if not in a regular rotation.

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I second this! I’m a little over a week in now and while the house looks amazing and I love watching it make the clean lines, I wonder if it would be better to alternate with each cleaning.

The first time I mapped my house it went one direction, I had to reset it to get another room and now it has cleaned a different path and it’s followed that path each cleaning.

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I’m surprised this hasn’t gathered more interest. Mine has wore/impressioned my carpet in some areas that even my normal vacuum cannot fluff back up to remove the lines. This is most apparent near objects and walls. Alternating patterns would definitely help solve this, but I also wonder if the edge sweeper design has something to do with it.

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This is mostly for the lines it leaves on the carpet, but add an option to choose what direction the robot cleans (even if it’s not the most efficient way).

Ability to change primary vacuuming direction

In my home, the hardwood floor is deeply beveled. In such a case, the robot vacuum should ideally go “with the grain” and in the long axis of the hardwood flooring during the cleaning cycle. Instead, the it goes against the grain and (a) loudly traverses the 5” plank width with repetitive thumps and (b) does not maintain contact in the bevels long enough to sufficiently clean in the recessed joint.

The request is for the user to have a selectable option available to allow rotation of the cleaning routine for each room or the complete routine by 90 degrees.