Robot Vacuum Cleaning History – now only one final entry per day

The Robot Vacuum Cleaning History now keeps only one final entry per day.
Used to show however many sessions in a day.
Needs to be fixed back!

Edit - I must clarify, there ARE multiple days but only one entry PER DAY …
My history goes back to 10/15/2021, Vacuum used since January 2021.
Log 450447 has been submitted.

I checked on my iPhone, as I see that is the type of device you use, and the cleaning history on mine goes back to 12/18/2021.

Can you provide your app version and the Firmware of the vacuum as well.

as a test, I would clear the app cache, in the app, by going to Account > App Setting then tap on the Clear Cache entry. Then Log out of your app, reboot the device and then log back in and see if the history appears.

I can validate as well. Both my iOS and Android devices go back to 12-2020

Strangely, today 02/07/2022, Robbie has recorded his multiple cleaning forays.
6 so far today, one more to go.
His first run of the day was a disastrous distortion of the map, seemingly having penetrated walls with his cleaning prowess. Then he got himself wedged into a cabinet kick-space that he has been dutifully respecting for the past year, requiring rescue.
Thus, he had to repeat the job with selected spot-clean areas,
An awful lot of supervision required for a “robot”!
Today’s first-run bolloxed map: < Dropbox - File Deleted >
A previous good map < Dropbox - File Deleted >