Robot Vacuum - Additional scheduling options

Would like scheduling options to clean program EVERY OTHER DAY, EVERY 3RD DAY.

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More options in robot vacuum schedules


I would like the option to setup schedules that occur bi-weekly so I can have the vacuum run early in the morning when my house guests are not here and have more options to control the intervals when the events occur.

Thank you

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Be able to run vacuum every third day.

I am a Firefighter and work a 24 hour shift every third day. I would like to be able to set a routine to run the vacuum every third day when I am at work.

robot vacuum routines

Allow for creation of “routines”, separate from “schedules” that can be scheduled.

This could be a set order of Rooms to clean, or only clean certain ones or a set of spot cleans, where multiple can be added.

This would allow for certain areas get cleaned at certain times. For instance, around the table after meals, or under beds only when one is ready for them to be cleaned under (rather than risk it getting stuck).