Ring doorbell and Wyze bulbs for front porch light

"* I have all off my outside lights (all Wemo smart switches) turn on for 5 minutes between 11:30-5am when my Ring detects motion.
How is this helpful on a Wyze bulb thread?

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You don’t think its helpful? Let me help you. It’s called an, example. See because that particular routine doesn’t use a Wyze product, I used what I had in that instance. See I figured if I said. “I have all my outside lights (all Yellow Banana peels) turn on for 5 minutes…
…” then it wouldn’t have made much sense.

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I wanted to add a trick that I employed. I have both a Wyze motion sensor and a inside camera on my covered porch. Both face the front door and are hidden unless you turn and look directly at them. The camera allows me to see, of course. And I have that screen up on an old ipad at my desk… The sensor triggers two lights. I have an old gooseneck multiple socket lamp in my room. Three Wyze bulbs. The sensor triggers an Alexa routine, that informs me “Alert, alert, look at the porch”, then turns on one light for 1 min, then it turns off and the second one turns on for 30 seconds. And Alexa says, counting down for second alert. The the second light turns off. The second light allows me to gauge how long its been since the first trigger of the motion sensor occurred. Works great. I don’t use IFTTT any more since they started charging a fee. If I can’t do it with Wyze app or Alexa, I don’t bother.

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