Review Geek (Whomever that is) No Longer Recommends Wyze

This was my initial reaction at reading this article several days ago:

And Customer concluded the same thing:

I still think the Wyze issue is mostly a non-issue…in fact it is actually one of the most highly requested features we’ve all been begging for them to do on purpose for years (allow us to access videos on the SD card through our own secure local network). So I was more disappointed that they fixed it than finding out it existed. It’s not like a random stranger hacker in another country was able to access my video, only someone I allowed on my secure WiFi (myself) and only through complicated methods. so it’s was a non-issue IMO. Obviously reviewgeek felt the same because they kept recommending every Wyze product all year long. Now they’re going to punish Wyze for something Eufy did? Make that make sense…if anything it makes them look like they’re using click bait tactics for ratings from people who will just believe the headlines without knowing the context. I’m just saying that their timeline and actions in articles all year just don’t appear to match up with what they are saying in this article and it affects their credibility.