Restricting controls of shared users

New user that just set up today. I’m trying to find Permissions or similar where I can prevent shared users from controlling the camera. Ideally, I would like to set permissions for most shared users to only being able to view what I set up. TYIA


Hello @dennis.mcconnell and welcome to the community.

Currently that cannot be done but this thread may be of interest to you, it is a #wishlist thread for that very thing. They are currently researching it.

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Jason, thank you for the especially quick response. I had read the thread you referenced but was hoping something had changed. Unfortunately we will probably return this camera as my wife is set against shared users being able to control the camera. I guess the stationary camera has the same limitation on permissions?

Thank you again,


You are welcome and yes currently the shared user has access to almost everything. I know a lot of people want that changed and it is currently being researched, I just do not know where they stand in that research currently.

I am wanting this as well, I have shared my cameras live feed but only want the people I shared the camera with the ability to view the feed. Ideally they should not be able to move the camera, turn sound on and off, or use the mic unless I set it up as “allowed” when sharing the device. Presently everyone has control which seems counter productive if everyone can move the camera at the same time (I have run into multiple people trying to do this at once and the camera stuck facing the wall). The wish list item for this is so old, 2018 I am questioning whether a new one should be opened with Wyze?