Restore V3 that has gone offline

I understand that smart plugs are made for the purpose of restoring a camera or other device that has gone off-line.

However, my question is can the V3 cameras be made to come back online simply by rebooting the modem and then the router? Or do they have to be unplugged and plugged back in?

Most the time they will need to have the power cycled, rarely has the reboot in the app actually worked.

And rarely it is a modem or router issue that a reboot would fix.


I had one v3 go offline a couple of days ago. Needed to be power cycled to go back online. My issue i beieve was a loose USB extention cord. I am still testing and will report back, but check your power connections if your devices are going offline.

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That is an excellent point @StevenA! In addition to a loose power connection, a failing power supply wall wart might also cause just enough of a power drop to cause the antaenna to loose signal.

If it’s always the same cam, it might be worth swapping out one component at a time and testing to see if the problem migrates to the new cam.

Just wanted to report back after 9 days. My v3 has not gone Off Line since I taped the loose connector on the USB extension cord I am using. My fault for not securing the loose connection during installation.

That’s great to hear. It’s sometimes the little things that trip us up. Glad you caught it, and all is well in Wyzeland now…tlhutch4