Resolution of recordings on SD Card

gosh another setback with this product.
can anyone answer how to set 360p resolution for recordings to Sd Card?
V3 records to sd card but there is no way to set resolution.
For Live View I can set 360p SD or HD in app.
But when viewing playback app always plays SD Card recordings in HD


I didn’t touch my first Wyze product until this past Thursday afternoon (Cam v3’s) so I’m definitely a relative novice, but in the process of doing my due diligence and research I saw this in reference to SD Card playback. Hopefully it will help…

Found here: MicroSD and Continuous Recording

cam-v3 microsd @newl


Same setting.

Check this post that explains SD Card Video Resolution:

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Basic gist is that the camera is recording files of relatively consistent durations, and resolution is not dynamically adjustable in current encoding methods. In other words, the cam would have to stop recording and start a new file every time the resolution changes, and I can imagine so many nightmare scenarios from trying to manage that effectively. So the resolution is fixed at native (1080 for the v3), and the file size is adjusted using the video encoder’s robust, reliable, “baked in” Variable Bitrate control.

Think of it this way:

Video resolution is like a haircut: You can always decrease a video from a high resolution to a lower one, but there’s no way to magically increase lower resolution footage after it’s been shot. So while you don’t want to waste storage space by going too high, you also want to make sure your resolution is high enough for the various formats where your footage might be seen.
Adobe - Video Resolution vs Bitrate

The cam stops recording, saves an MP4, and begins recording the next MP4 video file at the begining of every single minute.

It is possible for the resolution to be adjusted on the fly at the top of every minute… if Wyze would code for it. But, given the size of the processor, it might start smoking if it tried.

That would necessitate some kind of resolution change queueing function, which would surely confuse everyone who’d attempt to change the storage resolution (a rule of thumb for UX is that users can’t be expected to learn about the nuts and bolts that cause things to not “just work”, particularly for something super complex like video codecs). If you’ve been on any of these Wyze forums for more than 5 minutes you’ve seen how much complaining even the smallest technical limitation triggers, especially if the explanation is confusing.

With that said, I think you’re partially correct about the CPU, because it’s kind of a miracle if you can get one of the cams to show the live feed on one device while you pull up the SD playback on another device at the same time. It struggles to transcode a live stream to your device in the chosen resolution, probably down sampling the data after encoding it for the SD card (it obviously can’t do it the other direction and upscale a stream to save locally, plus that would be really complicated and unreliable). On top of that, the cam could also be trying to upload an event to the cloud. That’s a lot to expect from a tiny bargain basement build camera, lol.

Actually no, it doesn’t seem right that the live stream could be transcoded from the real time SD encoding either, because you can turn off the sound for SD card recordings, but (as a gigantic privacy oversight), you can’t disable sound in the live broadcast, even for shared users… you can only mute it on your own individual devices. I still find that one to be mind bogglingly stupid. Of course, you also can’t pause a camera’s stream sharing, or restrict times it’s accessible, or restrict powering toggling it, etc etc etc. You can only remove users and re-add them later, which would annoy everyone. And even if you put up with all the privacy issues, the most annoying aspect is that the notifications are all or nothing and you can’t control who receives your own notifications. Obviously I could gripe about their zero-development sharing implementation for days :wink:

well sir would not bother reading nonsense manuals but obviously there is bug, sd card playback should be at lower bitrate for both models when setting 360p for specific reason of slow link.
let’s say i have 500kbps, 360p live streaming works, playback skips and eventually stops.

“When live streaming in 360p, local footage will be available in SD or HD, whichever resolution you used most recently.”

i do not understand this, as ‘most recently’ i used 360p not sd or hd
tried live streaming in sd but same problem.
thank you for all answers anyway

Might want to start since that is where they hide the answers from you.

Not a bug. As stated. By design.

Quoted directly from Wyze:

Your SD recordings are working as designed.