Remove limit of 4 thermostats in the Wyze app

Can we please remove the limit of only 4 thermostats in the app?
I have 5 heating zones in my house and found out the hard way that I’m unable to setup all 5 in my app.
I was told to get a different account or use one of the other family member’s phone to add the 5th thermostat.
This defeats the whole purpose of the smart integration. I’m unable to setup Alexa or Google home control for all 5 because the 5th one is not in the app and having one on a different account is useless, since you can’t access it from your Alexa or Google accounts.
I was hoping to have my multiple dwellings on the same wyze control but with a limit of only 4, it’s proving to be impossible.

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Am I the only one who thinks this is a big issue?

Thank you for the heads up!

I did not know this was an issue until I saw your post. This IS a big issue, I have 4 stats right now and was about to buy 6 more in my 10 zone house. Wow, glad I did not make that investment mistake. Probably cheaper for me to sell these and get something more robust.
I like the Wyze stats however, they look cool, have a decent price, and work with my other Wyze products. Wonder why a 4 device limit? Makes me wonder if there are limits on other things, like lights or cams.


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The support told me it was an arbitrary number that the engineers used when when creating the app controls. Now for them to address it, it has to be posted here and get enough votes to get noticed…

I have 30 thermostats, they all are there in my app. I wish I could group them or see better stats. But you can’t really do much with it and seems like wyze doesn’t even support it anymore.

Anyway, they are all garbage. I can’t even sell them. Nobody wants them.

So they updated the app?
I need to try adding thermostats to my account again. Been sharing additional thermostat from wife’s account.

This has been like this since I bought them. I had asked if there was a limitation before I bought and they said no.

Been running since July 2021.

I wish I could group them and see the temps or if they’re even on from the status page instead of going into each one.


I can now confirm that the limit has been removed.
This is great! Now to have them allow grouping of thermostats but I guess that would be another topic.
Thanks all!