Recording delay

Recording has been absolutely pathetic. Often times, the subject is already moving out of the frame when I check the clip history.

Welcome to the forums! The WCO has a slight delay when starting to record because it has the PIR detection system. The camera is normally in a sleep mode, then when the pir detects motion, the camera wakes up and starts to record. If the detected motion passes the threshold of your sensitivity and detection zone settings it gets uploaded to the cloud.

This “delay” can be minimized by adjusting or moving the cameras mount, position and view. A big thing that helps the camera detect quicker are having the motion be moving side to side and not straight on the camera view.

Can you post some event examples and the group here can comment with recommendations? Thanks in advance!

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It’s telling me new users can’t upload files… :confused:

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New forum users can up there forum trust level by being active in the forums. When you click in the threads, view and read replies and like posts that all counts towards your numbers and when you hit certain thresholds is when the account gets auto approved for higher trust levels. Higher the trust level the more likes you get in a day more features like uploading more photos and videos, etc. But in cases like this there is discretion that Mods can use to up new users to help with troubleshooting and allowing the new user to post visual aids to help explain their issue. I upped you so you can post your visual aids.:slight_smile:

Thank you! Here’s a classic example of what I’m talking about…

Yep, I bet that is what’s happening. The camera wake time coupled with the speed of the motion is causing the object to travel a good distance to nearly off frame before recording begins. Is there power anywhere near that spot?

There isn’t, unfortunately. I’d have to drill through the garage which the association would strongly disapprove of.

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Having the same problem. If power is attached is there no wake-up time?

I don’t believe this is true, but if you have access to power then a v3 camera would be a much better option

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Nope, it would be the same. That line of questioning would of led to the recommendation like @IEatBeans said with the v3, to recommend a plugged in camera, not a battery operated camera, that has a pixel detection system that acts faster, and that has continuous recording

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