Record only on apartment entry and not exit

Hi, hoping you might be able to help. I have three Wyze Cams along with a contact sensor and motion sensor. I’m in an apartment with only one entry door and I’d like to have the cameras record when the apartment is entered, not exited. I was wondering if I could do this with a combination of the motion sensor and the contact sensor. i.e if the door is opened immediately after the motion sensor is triggered then it won’t record (motion sensor inside the apartment near the door has sensed me prior to opening the door and leaving) whereas if the contact sensor is triggered without the motion sensor triggering then it means someone is coming into the apartment.
I’d also like the SD recording to start at the moment of contact sensor triggering rather than a minute before, any ideas?


Simple, when you enter come in through the door and when you exit use the window and fire escape.


I don’t think that’s currently possible, but I do like that idea. If you have a motion sensor indoors, pointed at the front door, the logic seems solid. Basically, if motion begins BEFORE the contact sensor is tripped, assume someone is leaving. If motion begins at the SAME time the contact sensor is tripped, assume someone is arriving.

Might be worth adding a Wishlist item. I don’t really use my motion sensor for much right now, but if I could use it to do that, that would actually add a lot of value. Honestly, I like that idea enough that I think I’ll add it to the wishlist myself. :slight_smile:

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If you have a samsung smartthings hub your idea can be achieved using it in conjunction with webCoRE.

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Interesting. I don’t use SmartThings currently, so I’m not familiar with webCoRE, but I may look into it soon, especially if Wyze adds native (non-IFTTT) support.

I officially added this as a wishlist item, if anyone would like to vote for it.