Record length

Setting up the cameras I was wondering if I choose to record all the time how long before the recording turns off or overwrites itself? Since the event clips aren’tworking properly I would rather record allrhe time and just playback an event by myself

It depends on the size of the SD card, I only record events so I am unsure but I am guessing it will go a few days on a 32GB card

I’m pretty sure there is an accurate number in the specs BUT off the top of my knowledge stack I think you can get 2 days recording at SD quality. Looking it up “A 32GB microSD card will hold approximately two days of HD video and seven days of SD video.”

Is there any cloud storage if you dont have an sd card? I’m still able to record and didnt purchase the sd card. Dont see a file on my phone either
I know the 14 days worth of clips. But is there any cloud storage for standard recording or is it all off phone memory if you dont have an sd card?

Basically no SD card, no standard recording.
Depending on your level of expertise, knowledge and number of cameras RTSP is sanctioned, but it is in “production beta” and does not offer all the features and support of the regular production version.