Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)

Personally, I’m using the free software MotionEye to provide a basic web interface. Other free alternatives are ZoneMinder or Shinobi, or there are paid options like BlueIris.

And these softwares are installed on the local PC, or you need a network connected drive for it?

I’m sure you could do them on your local system, especially using something like Docker. Another alternative is to run them on a Raspberry Pi. Personally, I have it running on a NAS, which handles storage, and is running 24/7 anyway.

All I want is a stable RTSP stream. I occasionally use the app, but it is not essential to me, though it does provide notifications for door sensors (and the front door lock, which I like a lot, even if the auto-unlock feature stops working after a while). To me, without a steady stream to my Blue Iris DVR, they are not worth it. Because with BI, I can run it on an old laptop and display it on a dedicated old monitor, and I have a security station all the time.

Using MotionEye I have an overview displaying on a tablet, as the simple interface is just a web page. Admittedly the frame rate isn’t great (5fps or so) but it’s more than enough for my needs.

No mystery reading between the lines here. Cam Plus brings recurring revenue and higher margins, RTSP functionality does not. I appreciate the cofounders update.

What is Smart Person/Vehicle Detection – Reolink Support

RTSP on all cameras except battery powered cameras: How to Live View Reolink Cameras via VLC Media Player – Reolink Support

For those that want Cloud storage: Introduction about the Price of Reolink Cloud Plan – Reolink Support

Thanks for the Reolink mention; looks like they have some inexpensive cams that will work with Blue Iris. Worth buying one for testing. :smiley:

Where is the promised rtsp firmware wyze???

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The v2 and Pan I believe have RTSP firmware, the v3 will come after they get the regular firmware stabilized to their liking before they do RTSP, that was from a comment made today.


I am going to jump in on the Reolink cameras and advise NOT purchasing them, at least the E1 Pro Wireless. I purchased three of them thinking they couldn’t be worse than the WYZE ones, I was wrong. The WYZE ones drop off and back on, at least they come back on. The Reolinks will lose wireless signal and never come back up. I have had to replace two of them in 3 months time. If I had to suggest a cheap brand that works, go with Amcrest. I have one of those and it has worked for several years, not a single issue. It doesn’t drop off the network. It doesn’t lose wireless connection at random, it just works.

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I’d be happy if RTSP was only enabled on Plus-enabled cameras.


The whole point of RTSP is survivability and independence. If it has to keep checking for an active subscription what’s the point?

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I had the same experience with the E1 Zoom and connectivity. Also, their RTSP feed is not secure. Yes, quality superior, but other issues plagues them. I would like to get away from Wyze, but it’s tough to find a small/cube camera with RTSP, aside from Hikvision/Amcrest where the price is 4-6 times that of Wyze. The lack of resolving the RTSP issues and sound is disappointing.

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I realize the question I’m going to ask is far afield from the topic of this thread but I’ll ask it anyway.

Assuming one wants ONVIF (which Blue Iris seems to be quite happy with), would you have a (relatively inexpensive) camera recommendation? I ask this because I’m not married to RTSP but only find it nice to have as my Wyze Cams (early v2 with RTSP firmware) work fine in Blue Iris and I’d like to add some more inexpensive cams to my system.


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I have 16 reolink POE camera’s around the perimeter of my house. I started out with 5 and after 25 months of solid performance added 11 more just recently. (RLC-410-5MP) BlueIris records all of them 24x7 without issues (once I bumped up the RAM in the server). I found that BI needed about 800 MB more RAM for each 5MP camera added. I want to replace the hodgepodge with Cam 3’s for the interior to use while we travel. Currently I have a hodgepodge of different cameras in there that we point at the walls when we get home from a trip, and spin around when we head out. -Bill

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Is the Ezviz C1C (made by Hikvision) small enough for your needs? The 1080p version is about $25 on Amazon when they’re in stock, or about $5 more when you’re getting it from 3rd-party sellers.

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It is, looks like it supports onvif out of the box, but it’s $45 in Canada.
However, I found this TP-Link CP100 at $30 which also supports ONVIF out of the box, so will try this first.

Edit: I’ve ordered the ezviz also, $39. This is supposed to do 20fps, and also much faster response than wyze. If it works out I may get rid of wyze,

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S3 storage is $0.023 a month per GB; I’d hope that’s not the issue.

The site shows it’s $.04 per month after transfer costs, but point taken.

If it really were 48 cents per camera per customer per year, perpetually, I sure could see them losing money on a $24 camera… (And that’s before their own infrastructure costs and paying TUTK for the required P2P service. Non-trivial stuff.)

I would not. I get that Wyze needs to make money, but RTSP isn’t for 80% of their users - those users will still pay for cam plus. RTSP is for those of us who have our own NVR, who want to stream to YouTube channels, who want to incorporate with Home Assistant. And 20% of their customer base is still A LOT of users.

It is a pretty basic add on since so many companies offer it as well as the earlier Wyze cams.