Re-order device icons

I’m trying to re-order my device icons but the symbol that enables this is not appearing on my iPad app screen.

I select the “pencil” and then “edit devices”.
I see all my devices but only have the option to delete them.
The bars way to the right of each device, are not there.

Any advice ?

Mine are there

I suspect that my issue has something to do with the re-order bars being “cut off” on my iPad screen.
When I select “edit devices” my screen rotates.
At this point, the label/text at the top of the screen (that says “edit devices”) is off center, skewed the right.

Top right of the app. Click on the icon that looks like a pencil. Then click ‘Edit Devices’ and you will see a list of your devices with three horizontal lines at the far right of each device. Click on one and drag it up and down to reposition it in the list.

My screen rotates. I’m going to sit back and let the gurus take over.

Three horizontal lines are not there ( or are cut off).

Antonio’s’ screen shot shows the “edit devices” text, centered.
My iPad shows it off-center screwed the right.

Problem solved.
I reduced my font size and the bars came into view.



Reminds me when I was a mechanic. Had a car in the shop that ran like €rap. After checking the basics, I found the camshaft had broken. I go up to the owner and am all proud of my diagnosis and he says “that’s what it had to be”. Arghhhh

Under setting on my iPad Display and Brightness I have the Display zoom set to default. Glad you fixed you issue.