Random cams not viewable renotely

Recently 4 out of my 10 cams are not viewable remotely. I’ve tried rebooting my router and modem. At home on wifi I can get them to come up (most of the time), but as soon as I get off wifi those same cams will not come up anymore. The others continue to work fine.

Same here, although I only have one cam. Works when I’m at home, rarely remotely. I’ve rebooted/restarted everything

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Between the app and cam firmware updates just released remote access works again. Yay!

Same here, they all started working a couple days ago

My cams have been rebooting on their own for months. Had to have them replaced twice, because they burned out. Never was able to use the “Zones”, cam would go to one side and stay there. Person detection was iffy at best. Now with this new update, nothing works. One camera recorded a leaf waving back and forth for hours. Apparently, this causes the other 2 cameras not to record at ALL…
Support has been less than helpful.