Cam isn't viewable after power cycle

Anyone else have this problem? If I disconnect power from the cam and then connect again, the cam isn’t viewable in the app. This isn’t with one cam, but all 5 of mine. Only way to see in the app again is to hold pairing button down for about 30 seconds until cam goes into pairing mode and then go through the process of setting up cam all over again. This is extremely frustrating.

Pan or v2 cam? Firmware and app version?

Had to unplug one of the v2 cams this AM. Initially Home screen for that specific cam was a black box. Took couple attempts to “authenticate”. Thinking “clicked” over to LiveStream a bit too quick. Cam was probably connecting to wi-fi. Never happened before. But prior times waited until the blue-yellow flashing led was solid blue before opening app.

V2 and latest firmware updated this morning.