Queue motion notifications while camera has no internet connection, send upon reconnection

I have a camera in a location with no internet access, and record motion events to the SD card. When I’m in the vicinity of the camera, the camera connects to my mobile device hotspot, which provides internet access to the camera at that time. It would be helpful if motion event notifications were held when no internet connection was available and delivered up reconnection to the internet, as it would allow for me to quickly know if there was anything captured on the camera while I was away rather than having to login to the camera and seek. Currently it would seem that notifications are lost if they are undeliverable due to no internet connectivity.

From what I understand, notifications are sent after clips are uploaded to the server.

In your case, no such uploads happen. The server doesn’t even know that it needs to send notifications, let alone queue them.

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Right, that’s how it works now, which is why an offline notification queue would be a helpful addition.

Using SD events only recording pretty much does what you need, now. You use the timeline arrows to go to the next/previous event.

My post indicated that I’d like the notifications to come through without having to open the app and search through the timeline. When I’m in the area the camera automatically connects to my mobile hotspot, and the notifications coming through at that time would be most ideal.