Camera got stolen, no motion triggers

I had a cam scan mounted in the corner facing forward with a complete view of field. Somehow someone snuck up unseen and was able to unplug the device without triggering a motion detection. Once unplugged they stole the camera. How could t not be detected? Is there a delay between detection and sending to a server?

In general event notifications are sent after the event is completed and the video is uploaded. So if the units plug was accessible without entering the field of view or only requiring a second or two of being in view there would be no notification.

There are #wishlist topics about adding notifications when a camera goes offline unexpectedly. You may want to vote for one or create a new different one?

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I already voted for that. I’m going to try the motion sensor add on


Is this documented anywhere, or has Wyze indicated this is the case?

I have not seen anything in writing myself but I have not looked to hard either. However it is easy to test. Just generate a motion or sound event with notifications turned on and start counting. On my cameras the notification is always (length of event video + 2 to 10 seconds ) after the event started. I assume the 2 to 10 seconds is the time it takes to upload the video.

I have that setup in our spare room and it works very well. Good luck!

That’s not my experience. Often, I’ll get a notification, but when I go to check the video it isn’t available because the app says it’s uploading it.

That’s actually the same issue. When you get the error that says it’s still uploading it’s misleading. It’s uploaded but there are issues on the backend. I get that too. But think about it, the notification is always after the event by at least 14 to 16 seconds.

I’ve seen this acknowledged by Wyze several times, yes. Here’s one example.

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I had an analog camera ripped from its mounting and taken away, or so I thought it was taken away.
I spent a lot of time reviewing camera video to see how they got to the camera. Eventually I found the moment the camera died. What I saw through the camera was a quiet field of view the suddenly the view jerks about and goes off line.
Days later I learned what happened. The perpetrators got up on my roof out of camera view, went over to the camera, unseen as the camera was aimed downward, and ripped it from its mounting and left it in the gutter. They tried to break into an upper story window while hanging over the eave. They were not successful. Later they were caught trying the same thing at a neighbor’s house.
Victor Maletic.

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If this is so and if the camera has no local storage, where will be the clip be stored prior to upload? I don’t think the camera itself has enough buffer to store the clip.

Maybe that passage is referring to frames rather than a complete video file.

Stored in RAM, I assume. Even with CMC, the camera is never dealing with more than 5 minutes of video at the same time.

Does anybody know how much memory the cameras have? The firmware is about 9mb, a minute of video is about 6mb (I looked in the SD card). There shouldn’t be a lot memory or else the price goes up.

128MB of memory. (Specs here.)

Memory = RAM. That’s different than storage. RAM gets wiped whenever a device loses power. Storage of some sort would be necessary to run the firmware. They don’t list the storage in the specs, so I don’t know how much it might have. I wouldn’t expect very much, since it’s only needed to run the firmware.

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I know about RAM and storage, I build my own computers and develop software. But that link is useful. I did ask for, “memory”, not storage.

Okay. I thought you might be conflating them since you were talking about the size of the firmware, which wouldn’t be stored in memory. Anyway, just wanted to be sure we were talking about the same thing. :slight_smile: